My House Contest

The Brief

After purchasing a building plot in a municipality in the province of Perugia, Leonardo, one of our clients, decided to use GoPillar to receive more project and design ideas. By choosing GoPillar, he also knew that he could save up to 70% on design costs compared to if he were to hire an offline professional.

The client’s brief was not very complicated. His property had a very tall building that was unstable and needed to be demolished and reconstructed. Additionally, there was a surrounding courtyard of 1,030 cadastral square meters. This contest presented our professionals with a great opportunity to display their creativity, creating a building design from scratch.

Although Leonardo’s brief was not overly detailed, he had clear expectations for this project. He asked for a 200 square meter basement that could accommodate a garage, hobby room, and bathroom. Above the garage, he requested a 140 square meter apartment. One specific request made in the brief was for one part of the apartment to be higher than the street level. Therefore, to create the garage, the designers had to remember that it was necessary to excavate and remove earth. The client did not indicate a specific design taste; however, his only request was  that the finished construction was functional.

The Winner

The winning client for this project was Daniele Alabrese, an architect from Rome who was best able to satisfy the client’s requests and expectations. Throughout the process, the client actively collaborated with the community by answering questions in public chats. In doing this, the professionals and client were on the same page and the final projects submitted were high quality. 

Let’s discuss the winning project! The design incorporates a 200 square meter basement and a 120 square meter upper level apartment. The lower level allows you to connect the orographic elevation changes present in the lot to improve accessibility. It also consists of a large space that functions as a motorcycle and car garage.


The Project

There is direct access to the garage from the outside which houses plants and storage rooms. The basement, once past the garage, consists of a gym area without any separating walls. This represents the distribution of other spaces, including a storage room, a hobby room, a laundry room, a bathroom, and stairwell connecting to the upper level. 

From the stairs, you enter the apartment on the upper floor. It is a single floor unit consisting of an open living space, complete with a lounge, dining area, and open kitchen. The living area is oriented on the south-west front, so as to benefit from the brightest exposure, while the sleeping area is arranged toward the less bright exposure. Our professionals know how to create both a welcoming and functional environment while enhancing the building layout and its structure.

This project’s large lot allows designers to create an outdoor space that can be enjoyed by the customer. In this project, the outdoor space is complete with portico areas and a pergola that acts as a natural extension of the space. 


Tax Concessions

While creating a building from scratch, why not take advantage of the tax breaks provided by the bonus earthquake decree? For this reason, the German architect Humberto Contreras, second classified, specified in his project that in order to take the area’s seismic factors into account, his structure is built in a grid of ani-seismic fabrics reinforced by two way beams, thus allowing our client access to bonus earthquake funds. Additionally, the architect from Caracas, Mariana Guevara, whom we interviewed a few weeks ago, earned third place in the contest thanks to her installation of solar panels, which also allows access to the concessions provided for by the Ecobonus decree.

Our client just has to add these aspects to the winning project in order to get the most out of his contest!

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