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The best free software for architects

There are not many free programs for architects. Today we want to suggest you the three best ones, so you can use them even just for your passion. The three best free programs for architects are: SketchUp Make, HomeStyler and Blender. Let’s analyze them together.

SketchUp Make

SketchUp has become over time one of the most widely used 3D modeling programs by many professionals around the world. The software is a very useful tool in the graphics and construction industry, capable of providing excellent three-dimensional modeling.

SketchUp Make is suitable for those who are looking for a simple use of the software and have the goal of modeling spaces in their home. This version of the program is completely free of charge. The Make license includes: connection to 3D Warehouse; support for Mac and Windows; import from Google Earth; possibility of extensions and add-ons; possibility of modeling from images with the “Match photo” tool.


HomeStyler is a free software, currently on the market in three different versions: web; smartphone and tablet. The very lively community offers a very nice feature, where fans compete to become the designer of the week and win the prize at stake.

The software’s blog constantly compiles all the latest news on interior design and home furnishings, so that subscribers can be constantly updated with the latest fashions.

The user only needs to register and create a profile for free. From this moment on, he can create different countertops for individual rooms, adding the products (supplied by different brands interested in the online platform) of his choice.


Blender is probably one of the best 3D graphics programs, as it brings together both the tools to create images and animations in computer graphics. Its greatest strength is that it is an open source software. In fact, it is released free of charge and without restrictions on use. Moreover, the source codes are always available. The wide range of components makes it, unfortunately, one of the most difficult programs to use.

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