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What is Navisworks?

Continue reading to learn more about Navisworks, a project review and management software for AEC professionals and teams

Navisworks is a project review and management software for AEC professionals and teams. It offers a holistic review of integrated models and data that engages different stakeholders during the preconstruction phase. Navisworks helps optimize activities and allows for better control, giving greater guarantees of conclusion.

Made by Autodesk, Naviswork comes in two formats:

  •  Navisworks Manage: provides collision detection tools, advanced coordination, 5D analysis and simulation tools;
  •  Navisworks Simulate: This software focuses more on reviewing and communicating design details via 5D design analysis and simulation

Benefits overview: Reduction of RFI volume

Detecting clashes and problems in building systems is a laborious task that often relies on manual processes, such as superimposing large drawings on light tables. This old practice can result in a significant increase in the volume of RFI, while today it can be mitigated using the advanced BIM technology offered by Navisworks.

Cost reduction

Delays in project completion often leads to confrontations and money loss. Such costly delays can drastically affect a company’s profits. Navisworks helps to avoid, or at least reduce, these delays, simplifying workflows in the process. The “Manage” function of the platform makes it possible to quickly detect any misalignments and quickly resolve them.

Direct access to projects thanks to the cloud function

The Autodesk home software is “enriched” by a practical integration with the BIM 360 Glue software. Due to the integration with the BIM 360 management software, all the data of a single project can be shared with collaborators, even those who live and work hundreds of kilometers away. This way, the workflow is much easier and more fluid than traditional work processes, while avoiding bottlenecks that cause serious delays in the processing and completion of project activities.

Navisworks allows design studios to work on aggregated data

Instead of working with separate design and construction data, you can save a lot of time with Autodesk home software by bringing them together into a single model.

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