The Architecture section deals with all the major issues concerning Architecture as a discipline and as an art, starting from its history, passing through the analysis of famous Architects and Architects around the world, up to the most current news about latest innovations in the world of Architecture.

  • Blogs de arquitectura

    7 architecture and rendering blogs that every professional should follow

    Architecture has become much more interactive over recent years compared to how it was in the past. Today, top architects use rendering tools to showcase their skills and improve construction projects

  • Fotografia in architettura: a cosa serve

    Architectural photography: What it’s used for

    Photography has taken on increasing importance in terms of the design process of a building. It is also extremely important for in terms of preventive evaluation, scientific function in urban planning

  • Universidades

    Where to study architecture: The 10 top universities

    A list (in no particular order) of the best universities in the world to study architecture. Many universities and colleges around the world offer high quality architecture programs. This leaves stude

  • Le 5 regge più sfarzose

    The 5 most beautiful palaces

    Naming the 5 most beautiful palaces in the world is no small endeavor. Historically palaces have been found in  royal residences that were built in Europe between the fifteenth and nineteenth centurie

  • Street Art

    Street Art: how and where it was born

    When we talk about Street Art we must consider the motivational aspect, in addition to the purely artistic, to better understand its conformation. Street Art: how it was born Street Art first appeared

  • I Segreti del Pantheon: mito o leggenda?

    The secrets of the Pantheon: myth or legend?

    There are images that stop time, making it eternal. This is what only music, a work of art, a construction or a legend can do. Rome, in this sense, is the ultimate expression of the eternity of a monu

  • trinity biblioteche belle mondo 5

    The 5 most beautiful libraries in the world

    If there is a place where time stands still, libraries are the perfect example. Libraries represent a timeless and eternal container of culture. Like a precious piece of furniture never affected by ag

  • Walter Gropius e la Bauhaus

    Walter Gropius and the Bauhaus.

    The Bauhaus was a school of architecture and design born in Germany and active in the period between 1919 and 1933. It was born in the sociocultural context of the Weimar Republic, the city where it w

  • skills

    What are the core skills of professional architects?

    With a steadily increasing world population and developing countries, the worldwide demand for construction is higher than ever. Before a construction team can start a project, planners and investors

  • Milan

    Milan gets a makeover

    Coming soon: the Human Technopole project, Galeazzi hospital, State Campus and a 650 thousand square meter park. Maran: “Hub of excellence and an important piece for Milan 2030”. Also on t

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