The BIM section is dedicated to exploring BIM, a topic which is very current for modern architecture and the world of design. The BIM method, in fact, has revolutionized the more traditional CAD design method and aims to completely replace it within a few years.

The advantages of the BIM design methodology are there for all to see, as BIM allows not only greater integration between the design phase and the execution phase, but also the minimization of errors in the design phase and easier management of the building, not only under construction but also during its entire life cycle.

Furthermore, BIM facilitates the circulation of information between professionals, both within the same team and outside; makes it possible to work in a group on the same project, which was difficult up to now, and also allows the management and enhancement of the economic and communication aspects with the end customer linked to the realization of the work.

The BIM section aims to explore this innovative method in all its aspects, from theory to legislation, from practice to the choice of the most suitable software to implement the innovative BIM method.

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