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Rome B&B Renovation: Make Your Holiday Home Extraordinary with GoPillar

Welcome to Rome, the “eternal city” where history blends with contemporary charm and the “dolce vita” is a philosophy of life.

If you are planning a visit to this fascinating city, there is no better way to experience Rome than by staying in a vacation home that captures the essence of the Italian dolce vita.

In this article, we will explore the process of a Rome B&B renovation flourish into an extraordinary vacation home in the heart of Rome, whose elegant and welcoming design perfectly embodies these elements.

Rome Vacation Home Design

Rome B&B Renovation: Creating an Authentic Experience for the Tourist

When the client decided to undertake the Rome B&B renovation project and launch a contest on GoPillar to transform his property into a vacation home, he had a clear desire: to create an authentic experience for tourists visiting Rome.

His goal was for visitors to fully immerse themselves in Roman life, embracing the culture, art, and history of this timeless city. To achieve this ambitious goal, the client knew that the design of the vacation home had to be more than just an aesthetic. It had to evoke emotions, create connections, and arouse a feeling of belonging.

Moreover, it was to be a celebration of the “Made in Italy” style, incorporating the craftsmanship and timeless elegance that characterize Italian design.

Rome B&B Renovation: Beyond Decorating

The Rome B&B renovation project focused not only on the furnishings, but embraced a holistic vision to transform the house into a unique destination. One of the first challenges was to ensure the vacation home was not just a simple accommodation, but a place where visitors could experience the Roman lifestyle and rhythm.

To achieve this goal, the architect worked diligently to create a design that was elegant, welcoming, and enjoyable. The choice of colors, textures, and decorative elements was a priority. Every detail had to be carefully curated to reflect Italian art and culture to offer tourists an authentic and meaningful experience.

A Unique Alternative to Traditional Hotels

The distinctive aspect of this vacation home lies in its uniqueness. It differs from traditional hotels, offering visitors a completely different perspective on Roman life. Here, it is not just about staying in a room, but becoming an integral part of the city. Tourists can enjoy unforgettable walks along Via del Corso, immerse themselves in the ancient history of the Fori Imperali, and experience the true essence of the “dolce vita.”

In a world where travelers increasingly seek authenticity, this vacation rental offers the opportunity to experience Rome like a true Roman.

Ristrutturazione appartamento Roma

Preserving Historical Charm

Another fascinating element of this Rome B&B renovation is the consideration for the building’s history and culture. Located in the heart of Rome’s historic center, the apartment has some features typical of early twentieth-century housing. Prominent among these features are the high ceilings, evidence of a bygone era.

The architect asked the fundamental question: How to preserve the historic charm of the apartment while creating a modern and comfortable design? The answer was astute: carefully preserve and restore the ceilings, thus helping to preserve the building’s authentic historic atmosphere.

Rome B&B Renovation Color Schemes

Rome B&B Renovation: Specifications and Comfort

Before we dive into the design, it is important to understand the specifics of the apartment. This apartment offers not only the atmosphere of the “dolce vita,” but also comfort and practicality. It has three bedrooms, ideal for accommodating families or groups of friends visiting Rome. It also offers a living room with a sofa bed, which increases its hospitality capacity.

The spaces are designed to ensure a comfortable and pleasant living experience. The architect tried to maximize the functionality of the interior spaces while also considering the needs of visitors.

However, what about regulation?

Designing a Bed & Breakfast in Italy requires attention to several aspects, including regulations and legal requirements. Here is an overview of the main steps to follow current regulations:

identification of the location and type of building;
verification of municipal regulations at the town planning office of the municipality;
obtaining the building’s energy certification;
ensuring, in addition, compliance with safety regulations, including fire systems and accessibility;
compliance with hygiene and cleanliness standards;
tax compliance and payment of taxes;
limits on the number of rooms (usually no more than six rooms and 18 beds);
registration of the B&B with the local tourist office or ANBBA;
purchase of liability insurance;
provision of basic services such as sheets, towels and toiletries;
possibility of setting rates according to the market and local competition.

The Design Approach: Modernity and Romanticism

The design that emerged from this project is a masterful combination of modernity and romance.

The predominance of muted colors, ranging from gray to cream, creates a serene and welcoming atmosphere. Although, it is in the details that the design really shines. The bold use of accent colors, such as yellow and candy pink, brings vibrancy and a touch of elegance to the room. These accent colors are not random but were carefully chosen to echo the distinctive style of Maison Du Monde, an iconic furniture brand. These purposeful choices add a touch of glamour and sophistication to the apartment, while respecting the client’s desire to provide high quality furniture and tasteful materials.

Ristrutturazione roma

Architect Mario Imperato’s Project: Simplicity and Personality

But it didn’t end there.

In second place for the Rome B&B renovation contest is the project of architect Mario Imperato. Imperato was able to combine simplicity and personality through his choice of colors for the different rooms. For example, the children’s room was decorated with a bunk bed and cheerful details in yellow, symbolizing and recalling youth. To further emphasize the beauty of the children’s room, the architect was inspired by Mediterranean fruits.

He skillfully combined shades of yellow in the furniture and linens with the lighter tones of gray and white on the walls, as well as the floor colors. This choice helped create a sense of a larger, more open space, making the room an ideal place for young guests.

ristrutturazione roma

A Five Star Atmosphere

Imperato’s goal was to transform this Rome B&B renovation into a five-star residence, making the most of every room. He drew inspiration from the romantic atmosphere typical of the characteristic alleys of the “Eternal City.”

Although the color white dominates the scene to increase the brightness of the spaces, touches of color were cleverly incorporated to highlight the rooms and create a pleasant atmosphere for the residents.

Variety of Options on GoPillar: The Customer’s Winning Choice

The client had the wisdom to seek out a professional on GoPillar and initiate a design contest to bring his dream of a vacation home in Rome to life. This choice offered him numerous significant advantages.

One of the main reasons he chose GoPillar was so that he could choose from as many as thirty-two different designs, all within his maximum budget of 50,000 euros. This variety of options exceeded the client’s expectations drastically, allowing him to find exactly what he was looking for without having to go over budget.

Creativity Worldwide: An Explosion of Ideas

GoPillar’s opportunities are not limited to variety. The client also had access to creative ideas from some of the brightest minds in the world. This diversity of perspectives and approaches allowed the client to explore a wide range of innovative concepts and solutions.

Choosing GoPillar for its design project was not only an economic choice, but also opened the door to a world of creativity and innovation from global talent. These advantages made the client’s decision-making process richer and more satisfying, enabling him to execute his project with greater precision and excellence.

The Future of Rome Holiday Homes

Finally, as we review the success of this Rome B&B renovation and design project, we cannot help but wonder what the next steps are for Rome Holiday Homes. What is certain is that this vacation home represents a model of excellence in the Rome hospitality industry.

With its impeccable design, respect for history and culture, and attention to detail, this Rome Holiday Home offers visitors an unforgettable experience in the heart of the Eternal City.

In conclusion, this Rome B&B renovation is more than just a vacation home; it is a place where guests can experience the Italian “dolce vita” and embrace the “Made in Italy” style. It is a home that captures the soul of Rome and offers an authentic experience in the heart of the Eternal City.

Thanks to GoPillar, the client was able to realize his dream, proving that creativity and innovation can turn a project into a work of art. Access a global pool of creative talent and talented architects at GoPillar. Let the world’s brightest minds work on your vision. Fill out the form below and launch your project with us!

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