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Chic Interior Design Project: The Essential Materials for a Professional Project

Interior Design Project? An architectural interior design project requires detailed planning and the use of various boards to effectively communicate ideas to the client and other professionals involved in the project. In this article, we will explore the basic materials needed for an interior design project and focus on the various boards, explaining in detail the role of each.

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Interior Design Project: The Boards

Next, we present a guide to the materials list.

Furniture Table:

  • Purpose: To present the proposed furnishings for the designated spaces.
  • Material: Images, floor plans and detailed descriptions of the planned furnishings.
  • Importance: To help the client visualize the final appearance of the spaces and make informed decisions about furniture arrangement.

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Color Table:

  • Purpose: To illustrate the proposed color palette for interiors.
  • Material: Samples of colors, fabrics, and upholstery.
  • Importance: Allows the client to understand the atmosphere and style of the room, making it easier to choose preferred colors.

Finishes Table:

  • Purpose: To show proposed finishes for floors, walls, ceilings, and architectural details.
  • Material: Samples of finishes, photographs or detailed illustrations.
  • Importance: Helps define the quality and style of the interior, allowing the client to visualize the final result.

Flooring Table:

  • Purpose: To present proposals for floors in different areas.
  • Material: Floor samples, floor plans with clear directions.
  • Importance: Allows the client to evaluate flooring options and understand how they affect the overall look of the spaces.

Sanitary Table:

  • Purpose: To show proposed bathroom fixtures.
  • Material: Drawings or pictures of the sanitary fixtures, any accessories.
  • Importance: Allows the customer to visualize the layout and style of sanitary fixtures in bathrooms, helping to make decisions about key elements.

Table Windows, Doors and Handles:

  • Purpose: To illustrate proposals for windows, doors and handles.
  • Material: Technical drawings, images, technical specifications.
  • Significance: Helps define architectural style and show technical characteristics of key interior elements.

Progetto Interior Design

Lighting Table:

  • Purpose: To present the lighting plan, including chandeliers, sconces and other light sources.
  • Material: Lighting drawings, pictures of lamps and lights.
  • Importance: Helps create the desired atmosphere and highlight key elements of the decor.

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In addition, among the previously mentioned boards, it is possible to commission professionals for a custom interior design project, accompanied by a detailed specification of the measurements and materials planned for its implementation.

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In conclusion, the careful preparation of several boards is essential for a successful architectural interior design project. Each board plays a specific role in communicating ideas to the client and other professionals involved, helping to ensure clear understanding and effective collaboration throughout the design process. If you would like to implement your interior design project, start planning now with GoPillar!

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