Extraordinary Villa Renovation: Turning a Dream into Reality

In an engaging villa renovation project, the ambitious transformation of a residence into two charming duplex apartments, “Annalisa and Andrea,” takes shape. Each unit is conceived as an authentic creation, embracing a distinctive style and adapting to the owners’ personalized wants, shaping an unprecedented architectural metamorphosis.

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Villa Renovation Project

Villa Renovation: Between Aesthetics and Safety

The main challenge? To renovate the entire structure, not only to make it aesthetically appealing with a modern facade and strategic lighting scheme, but also to ensure safety, protecting the villa from prying eyes and potential intruders.

Through the engaging contest on GoPillar, the architects and designers on the platform expertly addressed the owners’ requests, delivering a proposal that masterfully blends functionality, contemporary design and a focus on security.

Details Make a Difference

Each portion of the duplex house is precisely designed, with a square footage of about 250 mΒ² distributed among basement, first floor and attic, accompanied by an outdoor courtyard and garden. “Annalisa and Andrea,” the two duplex villas, emerge as distinct entities, embracing different styles, colors and needs. Security, a pivotal element, is reflected in an intelligent approach to renovation, aimed at averting any vulnerability.

ristrutturazione villa

GoPillar: The Art of Interpreting Customer Desires

The contest on GoPillar proved to be the breeding ground for translating the owners’ needs into reality.

The furnished floor plans and detailed descriptions offered a clear overview of the project, while the lighting plans masterfully delineated the interior atmosphere, guiding choices with illuminating clarity.

The Result: An Elevation of Aesthetics and Functionality

In addition, the suspended ceiling plan helped maximize the use of space, ensuring a harmonious and functional design. The detailed exterior elevation, with its measured dimensions, allowed the visual impact of the villa renovation project to be assessed from all angles, ensuring harmonious integration with the surroundings.

villa da ristrutturare

Practical Implementation and the Winning Conclusion

The inclusion of the DWG (short for drawing) file simplified the implementation phase, providing a solid basis for translating design concepts into concrete reality.

To recap, here are the key design elements that were used in this villa renovation contest:

  • Floor Plan
  • Floor Plan and Ceilings and Countertops
  • Floor Plan Lighting
  • Exterior elevation of the four sides with dimensions
  • DWG

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ristrutturazione villa

The Crucial Importance of Architectural Design

This villa renovation project, highlights the often, underestimated importance of the architectural design phase. It forms the solid foundation on which the entire project will be built. Let’s see why this phase is crucial.

Client Vision Realization

Architectural design translates the client’s ideas into a tangible representation, shaping conceptual elements and enabling a clear understanding of the final structure.

Functionality and Ergonomics

Special attention is paid to the layout of spaces to ensure maximum functionality and ergonomics. Every detail, from floor plans to furniture arrangement, is designed to optimize the use of space according to the client’s needs.

Aesthetics and Style

The design phase defines the architectural style of the facility, allowing clients to express their aesthetic preferences and create an environment that reflects their taste and personality.

Security and Privacy

Includes assessment and implementation of essential security measures to protect the facility from intrusion and preserve residents’ privacy.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Enables the integration of solutions to improve the energy efficiency and sustainability of the facility, addressing environmental concerns and ensuring long-term savings.

Prevention of Future Problems

Careful design reduces the risk of unforeseen problems and costs during construction, preventing delays and additional costs.

Ultimately, the architectural design phase is the beating heart of a villa renovation project, instrumental in ensuring that the end result not only meets the client’s expectations but exceeds them in terms of functionality, aesthetics, and comfort.

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