How to Divide an Apartment in Two: A Simple Guide to Property Splitting

How is it possible to divide an apartment in two or even three separate units? These questions are common and often surface in many people’s minds.

Splitting an apartment is a rapidly growing concept in architecture and interior design, particularly in Italy.

This is the act of subdividing a large apartment into several independent living units, thus creating a more flexible and functional solution. The approach to divide an apartment in two or more units has gained considerable popularity in recent years, as it offers a number of benefits for both owners and future tenants.

In this article, we will look at the details of a splitting project, the regulatory requirements in Italy, and present you with a selection of the best splits implemented through GoPillar.

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divide an apartment in two

Divide an Apartment in Two: Starting with the Basics

Designing an apartment split requires careful planning to ensure that new units are functional, attractive and comply with local regulations. Below, you will find a list of some key details recommended by more than 70,000 professionals registered in our GoPillar marketplace.

  • Subdivision of Spaces: The first step in dividing an apartment in two or more is to determine how to subdivide existing spaces. This could involve creating new walls or removing existing walls to create a layout that provides each unit with its own living space, kitchen and bathroom.
  • Sound Insulation: Since the units will be separate, it is important to provide adequate soundproofing to ensure the privacy and comfort of tenants. This could include the use of sound-absorbing materials and the installation of soundproof floors and ceilings.
  • Plumbing and Electrical Installations: New units will require their own plumbing and electrical installations, including separate heating and cooling systems. It is critical to ensure that all installations comply with local regulations.

These are some of the basic, most important design requirements to keep in mind.

Interior designs for different subdivisions

Split: Regulatory Requirements in Italy

In Italy, apartment splitting is subject to a number of regulations and standards that differ from region to region and municipality to municipality. Some of the common requirements that must be addressed include:

  • Change of Intended Use: In many cases, it will be necessary to obtain a change of intended use for the building, as the division of an apartment into several units may result in a change in its classification. This process often requires approval from local authorities and bringing the building up to current regulations.
  • Energy Certifications: Italy has strict laws regarding the energy efficiency of buildings. New units created while splitting the apartment must comply with these regulations, and it may be necessary to obtain an energy certification.
  • Fire Safety: Fire safety is a key concern in any residential structure. Residential buildings must comply with fire safety requirements, including the installation of fire protection systems, safe escape routes and fireproof materials.
  • Build Permits: In many cases, appropriate building permits will need to be obtained to make structural changes to the apartment. These permits must be obtained from the appropriate authorities before beginning work.

The points mentioned above are of crucial and fundamental importance, which is why it is essential to always rely on professionals in the field.

Instead of having only one architect available for your project, on GoPillar, you have access to a wide range of professionals, including architects and designers, ready to offer personalized advice on your project.

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Interior design for subdivisions

GoPillar: Our Split Selections

Within our GoPillar platform, 20 new contests are published every day by private clients. To date, our platform has realized over 100,000 projects delivered to clients. Below, we present a selection of the best successfully delivered apartment renovation projects:

  1. Split and create 4 mini apartments & 2 mini houses
  2. Dividing in 2 our new apartment in Monza
  3. Merge two apartments in Milan
  4. Split apartment in Sassari
  5. Splitting my apartment into 2
  6. Split of apartment from 1 to 2 or 3 units
  7. Appia home in Formia
  8. Splitting my flat in two, in Paris
  9. One Apartment into two in Naples
  10. Stella apartment: split in two

Apartment splitting represents an innovative and growing approach in architecture and interior design, especially in Italy. The concept to divide an apartment in two or more, offers a unique opportunity to create more flexible and functional living spaces. However, it is critical to keep in mind the details of the project, local regulatory requirements, and safety to ensure the success of this initiative. Click here for more helpful tips about the apartment splitting process with the help of GoPillar: Interior Designer: 7 Key Skills for Success

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