Villa Renovation in Sardinia: Explore the Amazing “Villa Gioia” Project

This villa renovation project for the “Villa Gioia” contest on GoPillar.com recently reached its conclusion.

Through this competition, registered architects had the opportunity to demonstrate their creativity and expertise, exceeding the client’s expectations and resulting in a project that fully met the client’s needs. If you are looking into villa renovation and don’t know who to trust, turn to GoPillar: the world’s number one architectural design portal.

Billiard table in renovation in project

Villa Renovation in Sardinia: Exclusive Customer Requests

What are the client’s specific requirements that inspired this work of architectural art?

First, the desire to create a large living area with a kitchen was coupled by the conception of a staircase leading to a fascinating study. However, the key and highly desired element was the pool table, strategically placed in the living room. This was not only a focal point for entertainment, but also served the function of a living room table, promoting a social and convivial environment.

This villa renovation project also embraced the creation of a master bedroom with a dedicated bathroom and walk-in closet, two small bedrooms, a laundry room, and the need for a second bathroom designated for guests.

External View: A Space to be Defined

Externally, the villa presented itself with large spaces yet to be defined.

The client expressed a desire to have an appropriately sized paved area, covered parking for three cars, a small outbuilding of about 50 square meters with a large living area, bedroom and bathroom. It could not miss a swimming pool with a bottom varying from 100 to 150 cm, surrounded by paved areas, perimeter paths and green spaces to create a harmonious and welcoming environment.

ristrutturazione villa

GoPillar: The Future of Architectural Design

The end result, shaped by architects enrolled on GoPillar, exceeded client expectations, demonstrating the power and diversity of this architectural design platform. GoPillar, with more than 75,000 members from around the world, stands out as the premier site dedicated to architectural design. In addition to providing a showcase for global creativity, GoPillar offers design competitions that allow you to receive proposals from a plurality of professionals instead of relying on a single local expert.

How can you participate?

If you have villa renovation projectsΒ and want an innovative approach, launch your own contest on GoPillar!

The process is simple: provide a floor plan of your space, photos of the current state, and a detailed description of what you want to achieve.

The duration of the competition is fully customizable, varying from a minimum of 7 days to a maximum of 120. During the activity, you will have access to a question and answer board to communicate directly with the participating architects.

At the end of the competition, you will have the opportunity to explore and evaluate each submitted project. The top 5 highest scoring architects will share their ideas regarding the amount of the contest you spent, rewarding creativity and professional excellence.

In addition, GoPillar provides contact information for the winners, allowing you to maintain a direct connection with the architects who brought your visions to life.

Wait no longer, begin your villa renovation project with GoPillar and discover a new way of thinking about the world of architecture and design.

Renovation in Process

Navigating the Regulations: Villa Renovation in Italy

As we dive into the exciting world of architectural design with GoPillar, it is essential to point out that renovation projects in Italy involves a number of regulations and guidelines. Regulations vary depending on the location and the specific urban planning regulations of where the property is located.

Below we share some key guidelines.

Key Guidelines for Villa Renovation

The Key Guidelines

  • Urban Conformity:

It is essential to verify the intended use of the property according to the General Regulatory Plan (GRP) of the municipality. Attention should be given to possible landscape, historical or environmental restrictions or constraints that could affect the renovation.

  • Building Permits:

Obtaining a Building Permit is essential for interventions involving significant structural changes. In cases where interventions have been carried out without authorization, it may be necessary to apply for an Amnesty Building Permit.

  • Earthquake Regulations:

Verification and, if necessary, adaptation of the structure to current earthquake regulations is a crucial aspect of ensuring the safety of the building.

  • Architectural and Historical Constraints:

It is imperative to comply with any restrictions imposed by architectural or historical constraints that may be in place in the locality.

  • Energy Efficiency: Compliance with building energy efficiency regulations, with energy certification required, is a mandatory step.
  • Cadastral and Urban Planning System:Β 

Regularization of cadastral plans and verification of cadastral consistency are necessary to ensure proper registration of the property.

  • Wate and Material Disposal:

Complying with environmental regulations for the proper disposal of waste materials is essential to preserve the surrounding environment.

With this article, we hope to have inspired you through the outstanding result of villa renovation project for the “Villa Gioia” contest, as well as provide you with basic guidelines regarding regulations. We also encourage you to inquire about the specifics of your local municipality.

If you too would like to renovate your space, don’t hesitate, design your space on GoPillar!

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