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Unique Rome Property Split: How to Split an Apartment with GoPillar

How to deal with a large property where the space is too much for your needs? Property splitting? The answer is yes, and it involves what is known as “splitting,” that is, splitting a property into two, three or more independent units in order to obtain separate spaces within the same building. For example, a splitting can consist of dividing a large apartment into several independent housing units, thus creating a more flexible and functional solution. In addition, these units can be rented or sold, generating significant income for the owner.

In this article, we will look at the details of a splitting project implemented in Rome thanks to GoPillar.

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Property Splitting in Rome

In this splitting project in Rome, the client’s goal was to divide a 235-square-meter apartment into two separate and independent units, ensuring the best possible organization and distribution of space. Located on the fourth floor, the client had specific requirements:

Apartment A – large:

  • Allocate the main entrance and living room facing northwest to this apartment.
  • Allocate about 150-165 square meters for two adults and two girls aged 7 and 12.

Apartment B – small:

  • Allocate a secondary entrance (through a corridor entrance hall) to this apartment.
  • Required size of about 60-70 sq m.
  • Dedicated to two adults, mother and child.

In addition, the client wished to receive several design proposals, which is why he decided to turn to GoPillar, an expectation largely fulfilled, as evidenced by the twenty-three projects received.

For individuals seeking design services, GoPillar offers several advantages, including the significant opportunity to receive an average of 15 to 20 proposals for their property. This represents a marked difference from the traditional approach, in which a client receives only one project from a local engineer.

The ability to examine multiple functional and creative ideas provides the client with a more comprehensive view. At the end of the process, known as a “contest,” the most promising ideas can be developed into an executive project. In this way, the client not only gets a tailored solution, but also benefits from a collaborative process that enhances customization and originality in architectural design.

frazionamento immobile

GoPillar: A Selection of Our Property Splits

More than 100,000 projects have been successfully completed within our GoPillar platform. Here is a selection of the best apartment property split projects:

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In conclusion, splitting an apartment represents an innovative and growing approach in architecture and interior design, especially in Italy. This concept offers a unique opportunity to create more flexible and functional living spaces. However, it is critical to carefully consider project details, local regulatory requirements, and safety to ensure the success of this initiative.

Property split? If you would like to split your apartment as well, launch your project with GoPillar now!

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