What is Metric Computation and Why is it Important?

What is metric computation?

If you’re planning a construction or renovation project, you’ve probably heard of the “metric computation,” also known as a “cost estimate” or “estimate of cost.” In this article, we will explore in detail what the metric computation is, what its key elements are, and why it is so essential in the construction and civil engineering industry.

Che cos'Γ¨ il computo metrico

What is Metric Computation?

The metric calculation is a technical document that plays a crucial role in construction and renovation projects. It is a kind of “detailed map” that precisely quantifies all the elements needed to complete a project, including materials, labor and resources.

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Let us now see what the key elements of this important document are.

Elements of the Metric Computation:

  • Description of Work: Detailed description of all activities planned during the implementation of the project.
  • Quantities of Materials: Precise specifications on the quantities of materials required for each element of the project, such as concrete, steel, lumber, and others.
  • Labor: Estimated hours or days of labor required for each activity, along with costs associated with manual labor.
  • Machinery and Equipment: Inclusion of costs associated with the use of specialized machinery or equipment, if needed.
  • Ancillary Costs: Consideration of additional costs such as transportation, packaging, waste disposal, and others.
  • General Costs: Overhead items such as taxes and insurance.
  • Risk Margin: Additional percentage to cover unforeseen contingencies or cost variations.

computo metrico

Metric Computation: The Regulations

In Italy, the metric computation is regulated mainly by Presidential Decree (D.P.R.) 207/2010, known as the “Testo Unico dell’Edilizia.” This decree regulates various aspects of construction, including the preparation of the metric computation, and aims to simplify and unify existing regulations.

Here are some highlights regarding the metric computation according to Italian law:

Article 26 of Presidential Decree 207/2010: Estimated Metric Computation

Article 26 of the Consolidated Law on Construction deals specifically with the estimated metric computation. It reports that the executive project must be accompanied by the estimated metric calculation, which must be drawn up according to criteria of completeness, clarity, and accuracy. The metric computation must include all items of expenditure necessary for the execution of the work.

Article 36 of Presidential Decree 207/2010: Role of the Director of Works

Article 36 assigns to the Director of Works the task of verifying and controlling the execution of the works, particularly in relation to compliance with technical standards and correspondence between what has been executed and what is provided for in the project and in the estimated metric statement.

Article 48 of Presidential Decree 207/2010: Changes to the Metric Computation

Article 48 stipulates that any changes made during the execution of the works must be noted in the site register and communicated to the Director of Works. These changes must subsequently be reflected in the estimated metric computation, which must be properly updated.

Role of Professional Orders

Professional Associations, such as the Order of Engineers and the Order of Architects, may have specific guidelines regarding the preparation of the metric computation. It is important to keep these guidelines in mind as they may vary depending on the local jurisdiction.

Other Regulatory Documents and Guidelines

In addition to Presidential Decree 207/2010, there may be other regulatory documents and guidelines issued by local or regional authorities that may influence the preparation of the metric calculation. It is advisable to consult local and regional regulations to ensure compliance.

It is essential that whoever is in charge of drafting the metric calculation is aware of the current regulations, as compliance with these regulations is essential to ensure that the document is correct and valid, as well as to avoid possible penalties or complications during the construction process.

Che cos'Γ¨ il computo metrico

Documentation Needed to Create a Metric Computation:

To create an accurate metric statement, it is essential to follow a series of steps and have the following information and resources:

  • Project and technical documentation.
  • Technical specifications and work lists.
  • Knowledge of current costs and Metric Computation software.
  • Experience and expertise, updates and revisions.
  • Collaboration and communication with suppliers and subcontractors.

In conclusion, the metric computation is a critical tool that helps ensure transparency, accuracy and cost control in construction projects. If you’re planning a project, be sure to devote the right amount of time and resources to preparing an accurate metric calculation you need to get the architectural plan first.

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