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Office Renovation: Amazing Real Estate Agency Transformed

Office renovation? One of the latest projects completed on GoPillar was a fascinating renovation of an office designed for a real estate agency. The main objective? To completely renovate the overall appearance, ensuring a footprint in tune with the high quality of services offered.

office renovation

Office Renovation: The Concept

The client had in mind an atmosphere similar to a “hotel hall lounge.” The idea was to create a real estate office characterized by a cozy environment, conveying the desire to have a splendid home, as in a luxurious hotel.

Cozy and Prestigious Design

The goal was to create a space that was welcoming and prestigious, bright and functional. The challenge? To create a design that would allow the view outside to be admired from anywhere inside the office.

office renovation layout

Functional Spaces

Several needs were considered in the design of the spaces for this office renovation, including an efficient reception desk, a smart workstation for talking with clients, a children’s area, a study for the owner, a meeting room, and desks for employees.

Office Renovation: Welcoming in Every Detail

Special attention was paid to the part in front of the offices, ensuring representativeness of the interior environments and the presence of seating for waiting customers. Finally, the client wanted the use of elegant colors, often associated with luxury brands, such as petrol green. With GoPillar, in fact, clients can enter reference images and preferred color palettes, allowing professionals to tailor the design to expectations.

design model of office renovation

The Materials Needed to Bring Your Project to Life

If you too want to remodel your office and start your project with GoPillar, be sure to provide:

  • Floor plan or cadastral plan.
  • Photos of the current state of the property.
  • A description of the desired result.

GoPillar has consistently achieved success with dedicated B2B contests, offering clients a choice of 15 to 20 projects. This unique approach allows for a wide range of choices, ensuring full customer satisfaction.

Differentiating from the traditional model, GoPillar allows customers to upload their project to the platform and receive a plurality of projects. At the end of the contest, the customer can personally select the winning project and vote on all the proposals received, ensuring a tailored result that meets their needs.

Join us and launch a contest with GoPillar to start designing your space with creativity and innovation. Launch your project now!

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