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Revamp Your Outdoor Space: Charming Backyard Design with GoPillar

Backyard design? If you own an outdoor space of about 500 square meters and have always dreamed of transforming it into a modern and welcoming backyard, you are in the right place!

Imagine a multifunctional space, ideal not only for outdoor sports activities, but also for special events and relaxing evenings with friends and family.

One of our clients sought GoPillar’s expertise to transform his backyard into a sports center with adjoining courts and pool areas, and that’s precisely what we delivered.

Overview of revamped backyard design

Backyard Design: Creating a Modern and Functional environment

The goal was to create a backyard design that went beyond the traditional, incorporating elements such as a sunroom space, a cozy bar area, and an outdoor dining area. The vision was for a green environment that not only embraced nature with plants, trees and flowers, but also offered a dynamic space that could be adapted to different needs.

Outdoor dining area of backyard

Privacy: The Key Elements

A prominent aspect of this backyard design was to ensure the privacy of pool users. A visual barrier was created between the padel courts and the pool to provide privacy and comfort. This element not only added a touch of elegance, but also insulated the pool area to provide a more intimate experience.

Sky Fitness: the outdoor gym

Sandwiched between the padel courts, next to the small house on the right, is an outdoor gym, a sky fitness space, perfect for those who like to work out in the open air while enjoying the panoramic view of the garden.

Fence between padel court and pool area

Mediterranean Florals and Cozy Atmosphere

In the picturesque setting of Sicily, during the recently closed backyard design contest, we focused on the integration of purely mediterranean florals. Prominent among the chosen elements were coconut trees, olive trees, and gramignone lawn. This choice not only helped to enhance the surroundings, but also created a warm and welcoming atmosphere, enveloping our outdoor space in an evocative and charming Mediterranean aura.

How to Design a Garden with GoPillar

To realize this dream, the client partnered with GoPillar, the world’s number one online design site. During this backyard design contest, the main advantage of having used GoPillar was the ability to run a contest open to global designers instead of having the project assigned to a single local architect.

Backyard Design with GoPillar

The Benefits of GoPillar

  • Diversity of Ideas: Thanks to GoPillar, the client received not one, but over 30 design projects from professionals around the world. This diversity of perspectives offered a range of unique and exciting options.
  • Cost Cautious: The contest on GoPillar was cheaper than a single project from a local architect. This allowed the client to save money without compromising quality.
  • Globally Recognized Experience: Thanks to GoPillar’s vast community of designers, the client had access to creative minds and diverse expertise from every corner of the world.

Participating in a Contest on GoPillar

Project registration allowed our client to outline the vision for his dream garden and launch a contest on GoPillar to gather creative proposals from design experts.

Receiving unique proposals was a key step, with designers responding by submitting innovative designs, enriching the outdoor space with a mix of creativity and functionality.

After careful evaluation of the proposals, the selection of the design that best suited our client’s tastes and needs was made.

The end result resulted in the transformation of the backyard into an oasis of beauty and functionality.

Thanks to GoPillar, the green space is no longer just an outdoor area, but has become a work of art that reflects our client’s personality and meets their needs. Now, the new backyard design has become the focus of special moments and relaxation, enriched by the comprehensive creativity of passionate designers. Our client did not miss the opportunity to transform his outdoor space into an extraordinary experience. Check out some of our other amazing renovations!

If you too have decided to renovate your outdoor space, create your own project with GoPillar!

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