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How to Remodel a Room: Innovative Guide with GoPillar

How to remodel a room? Is it possible to transform a single room by giving it a new look and feel, modernizing it, or simply changing the furniture to renew the space you live in? On GoPillar each person has the opportunity to create specific projects for individual rooms or zones and focus on renovating a single space.

A concrete example of this possibility is the “New Bedroom For My Daughter” contest carried out in Milan. The client needed to create a new room for her 14-year-old daughter Giulia with well-defined requirements. For example, it was essential to maintain light colors for both the walls and the design style, while ensuring functionality and well-structured organization in line with the girl’s preference for uncluttered spaces.

A capacious closet for clothes, a desk with drawers, and a bookcase or shelves for books were also necessary. The bed also had to be stylish and comfortable, aligned with the girl’s minimalist and uncluttered vision.

As this example demonstrates, making plans for individual rooms is possible. Below are some tips and steps to plan and understand how to remodel a room.

How to Remodel a Room

How to Remodel a Room

  1. Planning:
    • Assess specific needs and desires for the room.
    • Determine a budget for modernization.
    • Gather inspiration from magazines, websites or social media for design ideas.
  2. Colors and Finishes:
    • Choose modern, neutral colors for walls.
    • Update floors and wall coverings, such as with wood, laminate or modern tile flooring.
  3.  Lighting:
    • Install LED lighting to save energy.
    • Add modern lamps, spotlights or LED strips to create ideal lighting.
  4.  Furniture:
    • Choose modern and functional furniture.
    • Reduce clutter and optimize storage space with smart solutions.
  5. Technology:
    • Integrate smart devices such as thermostats, smart outlets or smartphone-controlled lighting systems.
    • Install electrical outlets with built-in USB ports.
  6.  Windows:
    • Upgrade blinds or shutters for a modern style.
    • Consider installing double-glazed windows to improve energy efficiency.
  7.  Accessories:
    • Add modern mirrors to visually expand the space.
    • Use modern rugs, pillows and artwork to add personality.
  8.  Home Entertainment Technology:
    • Install a surround sound system or home theater.
    • Hide cables neatly or use wireless solutions.
  9.  Energy Efficiency:
    • Choose energy-efficient appliances and devices.
    • Upgrade windows and insulation to improve thermal efficiency.
  10.  Sustainability:
    • Consider using sustainable and recyclable materials.
    • Introduce eco-friendly elements such as houseplants to improve air quality.
  11.  Technology Upgrades:
    • Install smart outlets and switches.
    • Explore home automation systems for centralized control.
  12.  Maintenance:
    • Make sure to keep the room clean and tidy.
    • Update items periodically to keep them modern over time.

Before starting any modernization project, it is advisable to consult with industry professionals or interior design experts at GoPillar so you can get personalized advice, based on your specific needs.

Room renovation

Designing with GoPillar

The end result achieved through GoPillar, thanks to the registered architects, exceeded client expectations, highlighting the incredible power and variety of this innovative architectural design platform. GoPillar, with its vast community of more than 70,000 registered professionals from around the world, stands as the leading site dedicated to architectural design. In addition to serving as a showcase for global creativity, GoPillar offers the opportunity to participate in design competitions, allowing you to receive proposals from a variety of professionals instead of relying on a single local expert.

Do you wish to participate?

If you are thinking about renovation projects and looking for an innovative approach, GoPillar invites you to launch your own contest. The process is easy: just provide a floor plan of your space, photos of the current state, and a detailed description of your goals.

The duration of the competition is flexible, ranging from a minimum of 7 days to a maximum of 120. Throughout the process, you will have access to a question and answer board to communicate directly with participating architects.

At the conclusion of the contest, you will have the opportunity to explore and evaluate each submitted project. The top 5 highest scoring architects will share the contest amount you invested, rewarding creativity and professional excellence.

In addition, GoPillar makes the winners’ contact information available to you, allowing you to maintain a direct connection with the architects who turned your visions into reality.

Don’t waste time, describe your needs and create your project with GoPillar! Discover a new and revolutionary way of conceiving the world of architecture and design!

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