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Architectural photography: what it is used for

Photography has taken on an increasingly concrete weight within the design process of a building, without forgetting its usefulness in terms of preventive evaluation, its scientific function in the urban planning field and the contribution it can make to the final renderings.

Fotografía en arquitectura

Architectural photography: let’s discover what it is for

Architectural photography plays an important role in the trend of monument restoration and in the conservation of cultural heritage. The Photographic Survey, in fact, is one of the initial steps to be taken together with the topographic/metric calculation of the building.

This provides a continuous and accurate view of the building, facilitating reconstruction work by means of an architectural survey model that highlights the main features of the building, the state of affairs and the deterioration that permeates its surfaces.

Fotografía en arquitectura

But architectural photography also lends itself to urban planning.

Aerial images, panoramas and even photographs taken with RPAS, commonly referred to as “drones”. In particular, thanks to drones it is possible to carry out inspections and assessments in hazardous areas, where landslides or the presence of unsafe and explosive buildings prevent professionals from intervening in person. Of course, along with theory, actual practice is more important than ever.

In particular, a good photographer must have equipment capable of meeting the demands of the job. Tripods, cameras, filters, are all components of a single product which is photography.

Fotografía en arquitectura

At the level of representation, photography in architecture is a valid ally for the creation of renderings and suggestive views. For example, a photo of the site where a competition for the construction of a building is being held is a good basis for capturing the proposal for the future, in order to make the idea conceived by the designer visible in everyday reality.

Obviously the image will have to go through a post-production software, Photoshop among others. Therefore, photography in architecture is not a piece of furniture, but a characteristic element.

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