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The best gifts for architects to put on their Black Friday 2023 list


Discover the best gifts for architects suggested by our expert web editorial staff!

“What are the best gifts for architects to put on their shopping list for Black Friday 2023? This million dollar question is familiar to those who know how difficult it is to satisfy the tastes of architectural creative professionals who are deeply in love with their work

GoPillar Academy works closely with the world of designers and architects and wants to give you a gift. A complete guide with the best gifts for architects!Regali per architetti: 10 gift per il Black Friday 2020

1 – XP-Pen Artist 12 Pro Drawing Tablet

This graphics tablet connects to a PC or Mac and allows you to use a stylus to create freehand digital drawings. It’s certainly an excellent solution to spend some money wisely during the Black Friday / Cyber Monday.

2 – LEGO Architecture Studio

The Architecture Studio collection is the ultimate LEGO gift for architects. You are never too old to pass up playing with a Lego set. Additionally, the LEGO Architecture Studio packaging could hardly be defined as just a toy. Architecture Studio is a design tool used by many of the best architecture firms in the world such as BIG and SOM. It includes an inspirational 272-page guide written by several leading architects.

3 – Frank Lloyd Wright Paper Models

Kirigami paper artist Marc Hagan-Guirey created this instruction book with template pages to cut, fold and shape 14 of the great Frank Lloyd Wright’s most iconic buildings.

4 – Leica DISTO D2 Advanced Laser 330 Ft

A must for any architect and a perfect solution to get immediate and accurate measurements. You no longer have to drag a tape measure across the yard.

5 – Notre Dame Cathedral 3D Metal Model Kit

This kit is just one example of the dozens of different architectural icons offered in the Fascinations series. Each model is made up of 4 ″ x 8 ″ metal sheets to extract the architectural parts using wire cutters. After extracting the different pieces, simply follow the instructions included in the package to assemble the model without the use of glue or welding.

6 – GoPillar Academy Courses

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7 – Rotring 800 Drafting Pencil

The best drawing pencil the world has ever seen. It’s nearly a collector’s item, with an entire metal body and retractable mechanism.

8 – Zaha Hadid Table centerpiece

The design of the “Niche” sculpture, created by star architect Zaha Hadid, is made up of five separate elements that can be aligned to form a single piece or arranged separately. This centerpiece is an object that an architect’s living room definitely needs.

9 – Frank Lloyd Wright Luxfer Prism 14 ″ Bulova Wall Clock

Frank Lloyd Wright designed and patented a series of 45 clear glass tile prisms to refract light. The tiles were installed on the Luxfer Prism Company building in Buffalo, New York, where the front and rear walls of the building were made entirely with these original Luxfer prisms. The clock linked above incorporates two of these prisms inside; it’s a creative way to keep time in your design studio.

10 – Zaha Hadid Vase

The “Crevasse” flowerpot project was created by one of the greatest architects of our time, Zaha Hadid. The vase was obtained through a combination of rotation and inversion of a single trapezoidal shape and will not fail to amaze your guests.


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