Revit: The Program of the Course

The online course promoted by GoPillar Academy on BIM with Revit programs the teaching of a design through the Building Information Modeling (BIM) method using Autodesk software.

The BIM method, or the parametric digital representation of the physical, technical, and functional characteristics of a building and its life cycle, is an increasingly requested method in the world of work as it minimizes errors and maximizes design efficiency.


Revit: the program of the course

For these reasons, it will be increasingly adopted in the future. The USA, UK, and Northern Europe have been using this method for many years and Italy is moving towards integration. At the moment, the 2017 BIM Decree provides for the obligation to use this method for public contracts over 100 million euros, an obligation that will then be progressively extended to contracts of a lower amount until it is introduced throughout the public works system by 2025. 

Autodesk provides software, called Revit, which enables CAD and BIM design and is designed to meet the needs of architects, mechanical, electrical or plumbing (MEP) engineers, structural engineers, and construction professionals.

BIM with Revit Course Syllabus

This BIM with Revit course programs a subdivision into three modules (basic, intermediate, and advanced) with the aim of deepening all the major features of the Revit software through detailed video courses. It is suitable for both first time users of the software and for people who have already used it but want to learn more about its functions.

The conversion to BIM technology is an inevitable step in the world of architecture and construction because it concerns the digitization of the processes and activities of design and management of the work.

Revit: the program of the course

Therefore, this BIM with Revit course is highly recommended for those who want to keep up with the times.

Do you want to become a BIM expert with Revit?

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