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Renovate and Invest in the Short-Term Rental Business

Short-Term Rental Business Contest

Thanks to the new online rental marketplaces and websites that allow people to lease their property to people from all over the world, the possibility of renting out apartments online has given the owners of second homes and residences the opportunity to maintain a constant and continuous stream of revenue.

When choosing their holiday apartment, people consider both the location of the property as well as the photos posted on the vacation rental site. Photos of the space allow those who are renting out their property to show off the property’s main features and to make the property more attractive to visitors. Additionally, when photos are provided on the rental site, visitors feel more confident in the property’s ability to fulfill their needs and wants.

Renovating a property with the goal of renting it out to visitors requires special skills and expertise. The international professionals who participate GoPillar’s design contests know how to respond to this need.

Renovate to invest in short-term rental business – How to add value to a loft in Milan

In this article we’ll take a look at the design project received by one of our clients who needed to completely renovate a loft in Milan. The client’s main goal was to use the newly renovated space for short-term rentals.

As mentioned above, GoPillar professionals are more than qualified to respond to this type of need. In fact, the contest we are talking about received 25 projects from architects, designers, and civil engineers from all over the world. This allowed the client to evaluate multiple solutions and to choose the one that best addressed his needs, making him confident that he was choosing the project that would allow him to get the most out of his investment.

Now, let’s discuss the winning project.

The winning project was made by the young architect Tomi Frasheri who, as we can see from the renderings uploaded, was best able to meet our client’s initial requests.

The Winning Design – Short-term rental apartment renovation

The space was essentially a small loft with a high ceiling. In order to make it a practical and attractive rental space, it was necessary to completely renovate it. A main goal of this project was to use the space efficiently in order to get the most use out of it. Architect Frasheri started by re-positioning the staircase that was in the middle of the loft, dividing the apartment into two separate areas.

short-term rentals

At the entrance of this Milan property there is a bathroom and kitchen, whose positions are constrained by the location of the waste water discharge. Walking further into the space, we arrive in a large living room. The mezzanine floor is positioned above the kitchen. Due to this positioning, ample space is given to the living area, which benefits from the full height of the loft. The position of the sleeping area, which comes with its own reading corner, is arranged in such a way that preserves privacy from the rest of the house.

Light to Create Depth

Another fundamental aspect to consider when we are designing a loft is the analysis of natural light. In this project, there are three main light sources, including a large front window. This window is tall, welcoming in large amounts of natural light, helping to brighten up the space.

The winning architect managed to make 3 livable spaces in the loft, using the furniture and light effects. Additionally, the positioning of the staircase and mezzanine helped to create a separate, private sleeping area.

Our client was able to chose the best solution for his needs as the winner for this project. However, bear in mind that on GoPillar not only one, but all the projects received are available for the client to download. This allows all the solutions received to be used and integrated in order to create the space of your dreams. 

For example, looking at the project proposed by architect Mariaelena D’Ettorre, it could be also possible to integrate her solution of built-in spotlights to make the environment more warm and welcoming.

short-term rentals

Which design would you have chosen among the projects our client received? Do you need to renovate your space to invest? Why don’t you take a look at our website, you might just find the solution you are looking for. Launch your contest and work with over 60,000 architectural design professionals from around the world! Click here to see the full contest.

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