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17 Websites with Free BIM Objects

Over the past 10 years, Revit has transformed the building’s life cycle, from the design phase to demolition. Its gradual acceptance in the design and construction sector has allowed for an increasing number of professionals to include Revit in their workflow.


17 Websites with Free BIM Objects

We all need good BIM objects to enrich our Revit models, so we compiled a list of 18 valuable resources that let you download Revit BIM objects for free!

RevitCity – RevitCity is not just a website to download free Revit objects, but also a digital space to ask and answer questions, share the latest ideas/creations, and easily find the BIM Revit objects you are looking for.

RBI Water Heaters – Mestek has created a library of BIM objects for the web design community to download for free. BIM Revit objects are available in Autodesk Revit’s MEP.RFA format and many objects can be stored as .ZIP files.

BIMObject – BIMObject is one of the largest and fastest growing BIM revit containers in the world. According to the website, 33,837 product families, 244,292 parametric BIM objects and 16,493,712 individual products are available for download.

Smart BIM Library – Another good site with a wide range of BIM objects. Additional special content can be downloaded for free.

BIM con REVIT programma del corso

CADforum – CADforum is a website with a library of CAD / BIM blocks that boasts over 13,000 blocks of BIM objects to download. It also contains some interesting tips for AutoCAD 2017, Revit 2017 and Inventor 2017.

Modlar– Modlar is a site that boasts a large collection of specific manufacturer products to download for free and use with your projects. It’s completely free, you just have to log in to download the files that interest you most.

Specifiedby – An excellent resource for finding branded content from the manufacturer. Specifiedby claims to have “the largest Revit BIM content library in the UK.”

ARCAT – For CAD and BIM resources, ARCAT is a truly unique digital reference point; their free system has it all.

Autodesk Seek – An extensive library mostly containing non-generic multidisciplinary components. Users can quickly find product specifications for over 66,000 residential and commercial building products.

National Bim Library – The National Bim Library offers a collection of free, generic BIM objects compatible with major BIM products. The library is “in the making,” but it is certainly an excellent tool for finding interesting BIM objects.


TurboSquid – This site offers BIM revit items for a small fee. TurboSquid has a Revit certification system which ensures that components meet minimum standards.

BIM Catalogs – A good website to find manufacturer-specific content. It can be a little difficult to navigate, but has fascinating free BIM objects.

BIMbox – BIMbox has a fair amount of Revit items available for free download. Much of the content is oriented towards interiors and furnishing but complies with the IFC format.

Familit – familit.com currently offers 18,000 free families of bim revit objects in English, German and French.

Bimstore – Bimestore offers a manufacturer’s BIM content library in Revit, Microstation and ArchiCAD format. The content is free to download but first registration is required.

CAD Notes – Very useful website managed by Edwin Prakoso on everything related to AutoCAD, Microstation and Revit.

RubySketch – This site, specific for SketchUp content, has many BIM Revit objects available for download.BIM

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