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5 Practical Benefits of Online Learning

How does online learning benefit professionals around the world? Let’s take a look at the 5 main benefits chosen by the GoPillar Academy editors

Online learning, also known as computer-based training (CBT), distance learning or e-learning, is a method of education quickly growing in popularity.

Online training consists of a wide variety of multimedia elements, including graphics, audio, video and Web links. In addition to presenting course material and content, online training offers students the opportunity to interact and receive feedback in real time, testing their knowledge with quizzes and tests.Online Learning


Interactions between students and the instructor are highly encouraged, facilitated through chat, email or other web-based communications

What are the 5 Practical Benefits of Online Training?

1. “Upskilling” is becoming more and more prevalent

Upskilling refers to the need for people to constantly acquire new skills and stay up to date in order to perform better in current roles or future jobs / professional opportunities. In today’s world, upskilling is very important because technology is ever-present and always changing.

2. Autonomous learning

A key advantage of online training is that students can complete their training during their own “free time,” according to their own schedules. Recorded lectures, written content, webinars and collaborative online learning software makes it easy for anyone with an Internet connection to access good quality online training.

3. Online learning helps update in a rapidly changing world

Online education takes on the challenge of our fast-paced world in a way that traditional school environments never could. The speed with which the world is changing is a considerable obstacle for those who want to stay updated. Textbooks are rapidly becoming obsolete, which is not only a significant cost to schools, students and businesses, but also a disadvantage for students who are learning information that may be outdated over time.

In an e-learning course, teaching materials can be updated quickly and easily in real time. As new information and technological advances become available, it can simply be added / updated to keep the information current instead of having to update and reprint costly, environmentally harmful textbooks.

4. E-learning is an efficient use of resources

Online learning offers many advantages regarding efficiency since they don’t require specific buildings, rooms or equipment. Students have the opportunity to use what they have at home and usually don’t need anything more for an online training course.

5. Online learning is more accessible to everyone

Traditional learning environments, consciously or not, can pose serious obstacles to many students. The higher costs associated with creating and maintaining face-to-face lessons prevent many low-income individuals from benefiting from an education that can significantly increase the value of their lives.

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