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The best 3D modeling software of 2020

Autodesk 3DS, Rhino, Blender: A Brief Guide


Creating 3D models once required expensive software to run on specialized operating systems and hardware. Today, making 3D models has never been easier.

Most computers now have enough graphic performance to model reasonably complex projects, such as the interior of a building or a 3D printable object. 3D modeling applications oftentimes required training contracts and specialist assistance, but now there are many free/inexpensive tools on the market that can design complex forms in an efficient way.

With this technical evolution, 3D modeling software products are now diversified into specialized tools for the creation of ultra-realistic graphics, visual effects, 3D simulations.


Here is our list of the best software for 3D modeling:

Autodesk 3DS max is the all-purpose modeler for content creators. Game creators’ favorite multi-faceted 3d modeler is Autodesk 3DS mask. As a 3D modeling system, Autodesk 3DS max is especially popular with those who create animations, game assets and simulations. Standard features include skeletons and reverse kinematics, fabric simulation, skinning, and character controls for bipedal movement. 3DS Max also supports conventional polygon construction, NURBS, and even patch surfaces. Images can be generated using a variety of rendering systems, including Renderman (created by Pixar) and mental ray.

Rhino. When Rhino initially came around, most 3D modeling systems had worked out basic geometry. However, hardly any systems allowed a user to manage NURBS. NURBS surfaces (with its ability to curve in more than one plane) are key in accurately modeling the bodywork of a vehicle or aircraft. Rhino is the best system for NURBS surface modeling. Available for both Mac and PC, Rhino can sculpt objects, adapt LIDAR scans, work with meshes from other systems, and even render scenes using ray tracing.

Blender is an elegant and simple 3D modeling solution. It is one of those tools that anyone can experiment with and use without worrying about the cost. Where other tools focus on modeling or rendering parts of the 3D process, Blender provides the entire pipeline from modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking to video editing.

Learn how to model and render a project through the famous software of the Autodesk suite, 3D Studio Max, in association with the most used 3D render engine, V-Ray.

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