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Renovating an apartment in Terni for short-term rent: here’s how

Are you looking for a way to renovate an apartment in Terni to rent in the short term? Look no further, because the Gopillar platform can help you make it happen! Our community of over 60,000 professional architects and engineers can help you design your dream home by helping you design and build your dream home within your budget, whether you have a small amount or want to invest a large amount. to renovate an apartment in Terni, professionals will adapt to your needs.

Furthermore, by using our platform to carry out your project, you will make an investment that will pay for itself in the form of new income from short or long term rentals!

Our platform is designed to make the process as simple and efficient as possible.

The client decided to launch a contest on Gopillar because he wanted to make the most of his investment and renovate his apartment in Terni. He was able to collaborate with a community of professional architects and engineers to design and build the house of his dreams within his budget.

renovate an apartment

The client, after looking for an architect from the area for his renovation work in Terni, did not want to settle for trivial projects. For this reason, in the end he chose to launch a contest on Gopillar, in fact, he received proposals from architects from all over the world as happens to all our clients and ended up choosing the best one.

If you are looking to renovate an apartment in Terni, you will find many useful tips and ideas in this article. By reading the experience of our client who used the Gopillar platform to renovate his home, you can get an idea of ​​what is possible and learn from his mistakes and successes. With the help of our community of professional architects and engineers and by browsing through the projects they have received, you will be able to find ideas for your renovation project within your budget.

Renovate an apartment in Terni

Our client is looking to renovate an apartment in Terni and to create two separate living spaces. One of these will be for his family and will include a kitchen, living room, bathroom, laundry room and two bedrooms.

One of the bedrooms will be for the 19 year old son and will have his own bathroom. The other bedroom will be for the 20 year old daughter. The family’s living area will also have access to a large terrace, part of which they want to transform into a veranda. The room n. 5 of the attached plan, specifies to professionals that it is the least bright of the rooms, and suggests using it as an archive for his business or as a service bathroom.

In the renovation of the apartment in Terni, the second apartment that will be created will have to be used for short-term rentals for tourists. It will overlook the terrace and must have a kitchen / living room / a bedroom / a bathroom, at the moment I would like to use it for short rentals for tourist purposes.

Unfortunately we do not have a good view from any angle, the small terrace faces north / east, the large one faces south / west. As for the coverage of the large terrace, the customer would like to understand if it can be done with a prefabricated wooden structure and place a photovoltaic system on the roof that can power the entire inhabited floor plus the ground floor where there will be commercial premises (including the his office).

Obviously he wants to know if it is possible to use any tax bonuses and is sure that the professionals of our platform will also be able to help him in this regard to find the most convenient solution for him.

He does not provide any indication in the brief about the style he prefers, but during the contest he was able to collaborate with all the professionals by getting an idea of ​​what he liked best.

Renovate an apartment in Terni – The winning project

The winning project is the one presented by Ali Davari, an architect from Malaysia who with his project received the highest rating, 10! Let’s see what he proposed to get the full score.

As all our clients know, the professionals of the Gopillar community never just make the slightest effort to get the job, they always try to impress the client! Having taken the maximum score, it could only be so also in this case and in the project submitted to the client, the architect Davari presents as many as 3 renovation alternatives.

renovate an apartment

The first project presented by architect Davari plans to make only minor changes to the interior walls, keeping the bathrooms in their current position. This would limit costs, as fewer modifications would be required. The living space would be increased by converting the terrace into a usable area. This would give more space for the family. The project also includes a photovoltaic system that would generate electricity for the entire building.

The second project presented by the architect Davari involves some changes and the repositioning of the bathrooms; in this way the costs are slightly higher, but a better distribution of the interiors is obtained.

renovate an apartment

The third project presented by architect Davari is the most ambitious and would require a greater investment. However, the resulting interior would be much more functional and elegant. The bathrooms would be completely redesigned and repositioned to better meet the needs of the occupants. The particularly noteworthy aspect of this project is the coverage of the large terrace, which would be 5 meters instead of the 3 proposed in the other alternatives.

renovate an apartment

The proposed renovation for the second apartment is relatively simple and would require little work to optimize costs. However, this would ensure the construction of a functional and comfortable apartment for rent to tourists.

State incentives Restructuring in Terni

Clients often believe that working with professionals from all over the world can somehow be counterproductive in regard to Italian authorizations and laws, but not considering some fundamental aspects.

First in our community all professionals are always informed on the Italian market and on the laws and bonuses that can be requested, but above all our community includes a large slice of professionals from all over Italy who work on the platform.

For this reason, in fact, the second project to get on the podium is by Maria Giada Di Baldassarre, an architect from Ancona who emphasizes in her presentation precisely the aspect of bonuses and state incentives to which the customer has access and in fact in the presentation of his work specifies that the renovation of the apartment in Terni could be part of a Building Restructuring and Extraordinary Maintenance intervention as works falling within those foreseen by the D.L. 77/2020 (SuperBonus 110%), in addition to internal restructuring interventions, also providing energy efficiency works (thermal insulation, new thermal system, photovoltaic panels, charging columns, etc.) or seismic improvement.

Renovate an apartment in Terni – Interior design

Finally, the third place, the Brazilian architect Gabriel Mariano, focuses on the interiors, proposing solutions made of stucco, marble and with a dominant color of dark blue.

The use of stucco in the project presented by Gabriel Mariano is a reference to Italian classicism. This material has the ability to give a sense of solidity and importance to the spaces it covers. In this case, it would be used in the living room and dining room areas to create a sense of grandeur and sophistication.

renovate an apartment

The architect proposes to use marble to give the apartment a sense of refinement and elegance. Marble is a luxurious material that can add a touch of luxury to any space. It is also durable and withstands daily use.

Gabriel Mariano proposes the use of dark blue as a color for the interior of the apartment in Terni because it is a color that has a calming effect. Dark blue is proposed for the kitchen and the living room because it helps create a relaxing environment but it is also a color that can be used to create a sophisticated look.

As you can see, there are many ways to divide an apartment in Terni into two separate units. Each of the three projects presented here has its strengths. Remember, however, that our client has the possibility to choose among all the projects received and to mix them together to get the most out of his investment.

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