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31 projects for a modern apartment refurbishment in the province of Caserta

A modern reconstruction contest

One of GoPillar’s biggest strengths is how we give the client the opportunity to collaborate with more than 60,000 professional architects, engineers, and architectural designers from around the world. Many customers begin with an idea of what they’re looking to achieve with their home remodel. However, after collaborating with highly skilled professionals, they realize that there are even more design possibilities than they had originally considered. With these new insights and professional input, clients are able to make their modern apartment renovations even more stylish and functional!

The Brief

The first step to creating a contest on GoPillar is drafting the brief. This is when customers describe their ideas and expectations for their renovation project. During this initial stage, customers are free to describe their hopes and dreams for the space in ample detail so that architects and designers get a clear understanding of the project. In this case, the hope was for a modern renovation of a 175 sq. meter apartment in the province of Caserta. 

A detailed breakdown helps architects and designers know exactly what the customer wants and to help realize the client’s dream. In the case we’re discussing today, the client received 31 projects to choose from. Each offered a unique design that addressed the client’s wants and needs. Additionally, the initial brief allows the designer to know exactly what the client wants for each area of the renovation. For example, a kitchen, a dining and living room, two studios, a bedroom with a dressing room/ walk-in closet, a guest room, a fitness area, and two bathrooms.

The Winning Project

Paola Mori, one of our most awarded architects from La Spezia, was able to best satisfy the client’s vision. Not only did she create a project that addressed the customer’s wishlist, but also she proposed additional ideas and options that could make the renovation even better. 

The Key is Organized Continuity

In addition to wanting a modern refurbishment of the apartment, Paola Mori was able to achieve fluidity, functionality, space, and brightness throughout the entire space. The open area at the double-access entrance encloses the kitchen, but separates it from the rest of the apartment by slightly raising the ceiling using an existing pillar. In order to achieve this, the designer inserted the pillar into a block that contained a double-sided fireplace, an element of continuity that separates the kitchen from the dining room area.

ristrutturazione in chiave moderna

The living room is also connected to the entrance, but is shielded by the L-shaped pillar. This area also has a large wall on which to use a projector, as asked for by the customer. From here starts the hallway leading to the master bedroom, complete with a walk-in closet and private study, as well as to the fitness room that can be transformed into a guest bedroom as needed. Both these elements were requested by the client during the initial briefing stage. 

This is the main path designed by the architect; however, there is also a second entrance into the apartment located in the hallway area. This was achieved by creating a direct opening into the corridor.

Design Solutions

On GoPillar, our professionals also offer their own ideas and perspective to best fulfill the client’s vision. In the case of our apartment renovation in Caserta, the designer proposed large slabs of stone-effect stoneware as the flooring in order to achieve an elegant appearance, while maintaining a sense of continuity throughout the space. White was chosen as the color for the interior rooms without windows, whereas gray was chosen for the main rooms. The details in stone, dark gray, and warm wood make the space feel warm and inviting, while still maintaining a fresh and elegant finish. This look fully achieved the client’s hope for a modern apartment renovation.

The Advantages of International Influences

As our customers know, GoPillar allows them to work not only with professional designers in their local area, but also with professionals from all over the world. For example, our client from Campania chose a project designed by a Ligurian architect. However, this client had received submissions from designers all over the world, with the third place spot being awarded to designer Jelena Nikodijevic from Belgrade.

Ristrutturazione in chiave moderna internazionale

Scrolling through the 35 projects for the apartment renovation in Caserta, we find many options submitted by professionals from all over the world. What is better than being able to choose from a wide range of international influences when deciding the look for your new home? Once it’s finished, you might just be able to boast the international design in front of your new fireplace!

Are you interested in receiving dozens of different projects from architects from all over the world?

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