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What are the core skills of professional architects?

With a steadily increasing world population and developing countries, the worldwide demand for construction is higher than ever.

Before a construction team can start a project, planners and investors need architects who can put all their plans on paper, validating the project.

What are the main professional skills of architects of the future?

Architects are proficient in a wide variety of construction-related tasks. We’ve compiled a list of the core skills an architect should have!

Advanced mathematical knowledge

In order to design safe and functional buildings, an in depth knowledge of the strengths, weaknesses, typical properties of materials and their ability to withstand weight under stress are essential. A background in geometry, math, physics, and more advanced math concepts helps fulfill this requirement.

Computer literacy

Today, computers are used to draft plans, as well as simulations, 3D renderings and much of the rest of the visual output in this field. A development of agility with various architectural drawing software is a great idea.

Communication skills

Architects need to work closely with clients, engineers, construction personnel and sometimes other stakeholders in a project. For the successful completion of a project, an architect must understand what their team members are saying and communicate clearly with them in return.

Knowledge of business dynamics

As with any aspect of a growing economy, being successful as an architect also requires a head for business. You will need to market your services and shape your brand if you want clients to hire you for their construction projects.

Knowledge of building laws and codes

The construction laws and various codes for buildings dictate the rules on what can be built, where and how. Understanding the laws and regulations is a key competency of architects most requested by examiners.

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