These are the most professional figures and their BIM skills

A team of superheroes is made up of different personalities and well-defined identities that not only allow them to be recognized by everyone, but also, thanks to the different professional BIM skills, lead a team to victory.

When we talk about professional studios, we are also talking about superheroes with professional BIM skills who work together to achieve a common goal.BIM

There are several important figures who collaborate to create a real “assembly line”.

These figures, with specific BIM professional skills, are essential to make the production workflow fast and efficient . In addition to the senior architect who is the mastermind, there are other particularly important roles.

  • the BIM Manger
  • the BIM Specialist
  • the BIM Coordinator
  • the 3D artist

The spread of BIM ( Building Information Modeling ) in the architectural / engineering sector has led to the birth of new important figures within the production team. Let’s find out which BIM professionals a studio can no longer function without and which  professional BIM skills are increasingly in demand today.

BIM skills

What are these modern superheroes about?

  • The BIM Design Manager plays a fundamental role. Within the use of the software, the BIM Manager of the design allows, through the coordination, management and development of the project, to obtain the effective integration of all data, both for what concerns the design and regarding the construction of the model.

In addition to these skills , the BIM Manager must also ensure the functioning of BIM itself and the correct implementation of the various data. These important responsibilities allow the client to obtain the proper finalization of the project.

  • The BIM Specialist, on the other hand, has a dual function, namely developing the 3D model by extracting both the 2D documentation and the calculation of data from it.

The BIM specialist will therefore also carry out the necessary technical analyzes from a structural, plant, and energy point of view.

  • The BIM Coordinator plays a more organizational role. He must coordinate the BIM Specialists, thus detecting the actors involved to better manage them, thus optimizing the processes.

The constant updating of BIM products, such as libraries, is also the responsibility of the BIM Coordinator.

  • The 3D artist has a completely different role from those discussed above. The 3D artist only takes over after the completion of the activities of the rest of the team. It will be him who will give a “final face” to the project, dressing it with materials and lights, as well as the suitable setting to make the project unique and fascinating. He will then take care of the architectural visualization, creating photo-realistic images, and high quality video.

Each role in a professional studio represents a gear of the larger machine, whose operation will depend on the collaboration and functioning of each individual part.


BIM skills

In terms of the digitization of the building and construction sector, Italy too, entering an increasingly competitive international context, is moving towards a drastic update not only of processes and procedures, but also of the skills required of BIM methodology professionals.

Precisely for this reason, figures such as BIM Manager, Specialist and, Coordinator are defined, as well as many others to support them.

In the world of design it is becoming increasingly important to update and deepen one’s skills and knowledge of the sector. Professional competition is increasingly high and always being in step with the times can make a big difference.

Making use of the skills necessary to play a role in this professional sector is certainly a goal that can be achieved.

Find out how to become a part of a superhero team

BIM skills

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