3DS Max Course: How to Model and Render a Project

This is everything you need to know about the 3DS Max course.

With the GoPillar Academy 3DS Max course you will become an expert using Autodesk 3DS Max and the V-Ray rendering engine.

With GoPillar Academy’s 3DS Max course, you can become a pro at using Autodesk 3DS Max and the V-Ray rendering engine. During the online lessons you will discover how to model a project using 3D Studio Max software and how to create highly realistic renderings using the potential of the most widely used 3D rendering software in the world of architecture, V–Ray, owned by Chaos Group.

What skills will you acquire with the online modeling course with 3D Studio Max + V-Ray?

GoPillar Academy’s 3DS Max course will help you master all the tricks of Autodesk 3DS Max and the V-Ray rendering engine. Thanks to the lessons of our expert teacher in architectural visualization,Anthony Dirassoyan, you will be able to create and manage a project from scratch, model objects, and work on existing or imported files using all the functions and tools offered by 3D Studio Max and functions that allow three-dimensional modeling of the highest quality.

The importance of getting a perfect photorealistic render: Why Become an Expert Using the V-Ray Rendering Engine.

With the online modeling course with 3D Studio Max + V-Ray you will discover how to configure materials, lights and rooms through V-Ray, achieving day and night 3D renders with a good level of realism.

Who are the professionals who will benefit the most from the 3D Studio Max + V-Ray course lessons?
This course is perfect for all those (professionals and/or beginners) who need to produce high-quality photorealistic renders and animated videos of modeled spaces to attach to their projects using advanced and versatile software such as 3D Studio Max.3ds max course

How is the Modeling with 3D Studio Max + V-Ray course structured?

The course consists of 24 hours of pre-recorded video classes, and includes self-assessment multiple choice exams.

Who is Anthony Dirassoyan, our architect and teacher of the 3Ds Max + V-Ray course?

Anthony Dirassoyan has been working in the Architectural visualization industry for over 10 years. Having earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Graphics and animation from a reputable university, Anthony has moved into the architectural world shortly after graduation, because of his passion for everything related to design. Having launched his startup company “AJ-visuals” at the Beginning of 2019, Anthony has worked with some of the finest architects and designers on projects around the world. Being an expert in modeling, lighting and rendering techniques, Anthony is now looking to transfer his tailored method of work to the rest of the world.

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