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7 free tools, apps, and software to design your home online

Want to discover free apps and software tools to help you design your dream home online?


Read the article below to discover 7 digital tools to help design your home online in a “professional” way.

Are you planning a kitchen, bathroom, or complete home renovation? Have you finally decided to take on that backyard landscaping project? Or, maybe you’ve just moved into a new home and have a few renovation projects in mind to spice up the area? 

design your home online

Whether you’re doing it all yourself or choose to turn to professionals, check out these 7 tools to help design your home online.

Regardless of the renovation project you’re working on, you’ll want to communicate your ideas to everyone who is involved in the process as accurately as possible. Working with online home design software will help you to communicate your needs and desires clearly, so everyone is on the same page.

1. SketchUp

First up is SketchUp. SketchUp is the most comprehensive free 3D design software you can find online. This home design tool is so powerful that it feels like you’re moving right through your future home. The free version is perfect for amateurs, while the pro version is tailored more toward professional architects.

2. Floorplanner

Next up we have Floorplanner. Floorplanner allows you to design your home online and to decorate your space in 2D and 3D, all without the need to download any software. Although its interior decorating function is an excellent feature, the real benefit of using this tool lies in its extreme functionality and its ability to help you design the floors of your home.

3. SmartDraw

SmartDraw is another powerful tool in the world of floor planning. Extremely easy to use, but advanced enough to facilitate complex projects for more advanced designers. SmartDraw features a seemingly endless selection of furniture, automobiles, building materials, and floor plans. With this software, you can explore an infinite amount of possible designs and layouts to plan your home online. The only downside to keep in mind when using this tool is that it’s only free for the first seven days. So, if you plan to use it for longer or for multiple projects, it may be worth upgrading.

4. Planner 5D

Planner 5D is another really exciting online home design tool. Like the free version of Sketchup, this tool is interactive. This means you can explore the design as if you are physically walking through the house. With Planner 5D you can start from scratch or use a pre-designed template to quickly create a floor plan. The best thing about this software is that it works on iOS, which means you can create plans on your phone or iPad.

5. HomeByMe

HomeByMe is one of our favorite online home design tools. As far as we know, it is entirely free, meaning you are able to take advantage of all of its features without any cost to you. With HomeByMe you can plan the design of your future home from start to finish, choose the furnishings and decor, and plan the many other small details you will need for your home. As with Planner 5D, you can also switch from a 2D design to a 3D design after completing the floor plan and designing the appearance of each room.

6. Roomstyler 3D Home Planner

Another tool we love is Roomstyler 3D Home Planner. There is a lot to appreciate in this tool. Just like HomeByMe, this product has extremely intuitive features. Roomstyle lets you create a custom room in minutes as well as furnish your space with products from real brands, which means you’ll design your home online with items and products that you can actually purchase when you’re ready to realize your design.

7. Carpetright

If you’re considering investing in new flooring, Carpetright’s Floor Viewer is the tool for you. Carpetright allows you to imagine what your room will look like with carpet, vinyl, hardwood, or laminate flooring. Simply take a photo of your chosen room (or select a sample room) and load it into the viewer. You will be able to customize the wall color and floor type. From there, you can save your rooms and order samples, bringing you one step closer to the room of your dreams.

design your home online

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