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Autocad Blocks: 5 websites to Download Free CAD Blocks

Download free CAD blocks: having a large collection of AutoCAD blocks is essential for a CAD professional, but where can we download (free) CAD blocks when we need them?

To represent the elements of structures, such as equipment, telecommunication devices and furniture found in a floor plan drawing, it is necessary to use what in technical language is called CAD blocks. A CAD block is a kind of graphic “stamp” that we can use to repeatedly draw the same element.

Blocks are small CAD drawings designed to be incorporated into larger, more complex drawings.download free cad blocks


Where to download free cad blocks (or almost free)? The best sites to download AutoCad blocks.

Archweb is a container of tools for architecture. A great website that offers designs and projects in .dwg, full of blocks to download for free. 

EmiCAD is a sole proprietorship founded in 2002 by geom. Emiliano Foffano, then collaborator in an engineering company specialized in environmental impact assessments and safety in the workplace. On the EmiCAD site, created in 1998 as an amateur site under the name “EMILANDIA”, it is possible to download utility lisp, cad blocks, textures, render.BlocchiAutocad.it is organized as a blog with a consistent number of posts identifying the various categories of downloadable CAD blocks.

Oppo is a website equipped with a large library of free CAD drawings and blocks. The downloadable material is mainly related to hydraulic systems, the sector in which the company that owns the site bases its core business. 

Edilio The website designed and managed by Senaf and New Techniques is one of the richest and most comprehensive free downloadable CAD block galleries available today. Site equipment, interior furnishings, street furniture, garden furniture, bathrooms, people, animals, trees, plant symbols, mobility and transportation, handicap, sports/games, screens and textures. You have many options to choose from.

Studio Petrillo is a site created in 2019 where you can find and download some interesting CAD blocks for free. Furniture, vehicles and cars, plants, trees and vegetation, sanitary bathroom furniture.

Tutto Tecnica. A large series of CAD blocks, in .dxf and .dwg format available to everyone, without any prior registration and without releasing confidential data.

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