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9 Advantages of using V-Ray for architectural rendering

Are you sure you know all the benefits of using V-Ray?

Architects, designers and artists are nothing if they cannot communicate their ideas. The first and most important rule that anyone working in the design industry must understand is that clients do not think like professionals. The client needs to be pampered, guided step by step to discover the project and, above all, they need to be able to dream of their dream home down to the smallest detail.

Discover how to achieve a fantastic effect in your architectural projects thanks to V-Ray’s features.

Find out now how to do with the 9 advantages of using V-Ray for architectural rendering

1. V-Ray is fast. Very fast

V-Ray is an extremely fast rendering engine, much faster than many direct competitors. This means fast times, animations, drafts, all in real time. Those who work on numerous projects understand how important it is to have a visualization tool that allows you to quickly see if something will work perfectly even before fully committing to a quality presentation.

2. Works perfectly with Rhino, 3DS Max and SketchUp.

Although V-Ray is a program that we advise you to master completely at 360 degrees, we can not fail to list among the advantages of V-Ray its ease of integration with different 3D modeling programs. The integration with Google SketchUp is perhaps the most valuable feature. While not the most technically sophisticated modeling software in the world, SketchUp presents a quick and simple toolset that allows you to quickly get ideas and graphics to work on your projects. “Inaccurate” ideas and pushes that can then be completed in full detail thanks to V-Ray.

3. Extensive library of materials and resources.

V-Ray is equipped with a rich library of ready-to-use materials. Thanks to V-Ray’s resource library, you will no longer run the risk of finding yourself, in meetings with clients, in the situation of trying to explain how certain finishes will appear on certain surfaces. You will simply show them.9 vantaggi utilizzo v ray rendering architettonico


4. A wide range of options.

Geek users, designers who more than others love to play with camera settings, maps, material texture, light sources and depth of field, will find plenty to play with. V-Ray satisfies the insatiable need to control all aspects of a drawing, allowing you to customize rendering settings in an extremely professional and precise manner.

5. Ability to easily follow excellent V-Ray specific online courses.

It has a steep learning curve, but with GoPillar Academy’s 3D Modeling + V-Ray course, you will easily learn how to create and manage a project from scratch, how to model objects and work on existing or imported files using all the features and tools made available by 3D Studio Max that allow a highly qualitative and professional modeling.

6. The best tool for realistic visualization

If you want the best, there is simply no concrete alternative. Users and critics alike consistently place the powerful rendering engine at the top of the list when it comes to the quality of the final product. Cleaner textures, darker blacks, brighter white tones equate to a more accurate representation of the real world. If your goal is to make your clients experience the environment you’re designing firsthand, the famous software is the best solution.

7. Speed is excellent for producing fast animations.

With V-Ray you can quickly create high quality graphic animations thanks to the speed with which they are rendered. Clients will literally be impressed by the graphical quality with which projects are rendered.

8. Extremely photorealistic renderings

There is nothing worse than a visualization that wants to be realistic but does not look real at all. A designer must demonstrate capability and skill in all phases of design, only then can he or she instill confidence and guarantee the completion of a project for the client.

9. Light and shadow: controlling these two elements means having already done 80 percent of the rendering work.

According to renowned architect Louis Khan, if a designer had only two tools to work with, they would be light and shadow. If the lighting of a particular design is not convincing or appears dull, the impact on the client will be low. V-Ray is famous for handling realistic lighting and shadows with care. According to many designers, a cut above all comparable renderers.

Learn how to model and render a project through the famous software of the Autodesk suite, 3D Studio Max, in association with the most used 3D render engine, V-Ray.

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