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SketchUp 2021: what changes

SketchUp 2021 has recently changed its face. Since the acquisition by Trimble, the software has undergone a turnaround that began with the revolution of its logo, with proper branding.

SketchUp 2021: let’s find out what changes

In addition to these measures valid for the new software marketing and branding campaign, there were several innovations incorporated into the program. Let’s try to find out what they are:

SketchUp 2021

Label folders

In SketchUp 2021, first of all, tags can be grouped into folders by controlling their visibility through so-called “visibility switches”. This makes the use of folders and levels more accessible and fluid.

Label filter

Just as you can filter the “Outliner” panel by looking for objects that match a certain name, you can now also filter the tags panel, again by name. Simply type in the name to quickly filter the panel which will display only the tags you need at that moment.

When viewing a filtered set of tags, you can use ALT + click to select them all, so that they can be activated or change their script style, all in one step, which is useful.

SketchUp 2021

Upgrades via direct download

Once SketchUp 2021 is installed, future updates will take place within the program. This means that you will no longer have to go back to the website to download a separate installation file. The software will notify you and you can download and install it immediately without having to access the browser.

Among the other little tricks in SketchUp 2021, the pan and zoom with two fingers, which will make navigation in Layout a little easier.

On a trackpad, a two-finger swipe will now scroll the page, instead of zooming. In addition, a two-finger pinch will zoom in. You can toggle between pan and zoom with a two-finger swipe by holding down the command modifier key. This new feature is not available on Windows.


A new web application is born, useful to evaluate weather conditions, such as weather and sun orientation depending on the position of your project, latitude and longitude variables, etc. This is a completely standalone web application, not directly integrated into SketchUp 2021, but integrable.

It is not even necessary to have a model of the building as this information is based solely on the physical and geographic location of the project, providing average seasonal climate data that helps determine whether it is necessary to design primarily for the heating or cooling season.

It also suggests various types of glass that can be used and shading solutions for each building façade orientation, such as brise-soleil or bulkheads.

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