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V-Ray for SketchUp: why architects love it

Do you love V-Ray for SketchUp too?

Why do architects and designers love working with V-Ray for Sketchup? Motivations and contours of a successful “software”.

SketchUp was almost a revelation for architects, especially designers working in small offices. Today, thanks to SketchUp, more and more professionals can design, critique, evaluate and then design in an extremely reduced percentage of time.

Before SketchUp, 3D modeling software was certainly nothing new, but no software was designed and engineered to run at such a high processing speed as to offer accessibility and an almost instantaneous feedback loop. Thanks to this feature, it quickly found its way onto the machines of thousands of architects and designers around the world.

V-Ray para SketchUp

Architects are always looking for new tools, techniques or skills that can help them streamline the design process and produce better work. 

  • V-Ray for SketchUp

By combining SketchUp with one of the most capable and well-known renderers the industry has ever seen, a once solitary design tool instantly becomes a powerful 3D visualization engine and gives architects the ability to design, render and print their designs while working in a single, easy to use and understand package.

  • This is the main reason why architects love V-Ray for SketchUp.

Architects are control freaks. You’d be hard pressed to find one who would tell you otherwise. It’s not so much a personality disorder as it is a real job-induced need. When you are in charge of the design and execution of a new housing complex, you must be able to put your fingers on every aspect of the process, this is an absolute imperative.

It is therefore not surprising that the combination of two software like V-Ray and SketchUp, which allow architects to not only design more efficiently, but also produce high-quality visualizations in-house, has helped facilitate the daily work of design studios and made SketchUp a staple in the architects’ toolbox.

  • V-Ray + SketchUp: it’s all about control

If the architect doesn’t have the clearest picture of a building’s design direction, how exactly might a client or builder? You don’t have to answer that now, but consider how hard it is to tell someone why their design is important, why they should choose their design over the competition? V-Ray gives the architect total control over what they want to show. This applies to employees, consultants, clients, builders, subcontractors and the general public. None of these people have your eyes, so by being able to give them a window into how you see the design and why it works, you should be able to produce tangible evidence that it does.

  • V-Rray and SketchUp for small businesses.

For small businesses that use SketchUp for most of their design work, V-Ray allows them to quickly and easily represent what works and what doesn’t. The feedback loop is strengthened, control is maintained and the end results are even better.

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