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Another Sketchup 2020 Update

Following January and April’s contributions, the new release of Sketchup arrives

After introducing SketchUp 2020 in January and refining the software with the April release, Sketchup released a new update for August. Let’s take a closer look at the latest news from Sketchup.

Linear inference activates / deactivates the Line tool in SketchUp

SketchUp inference is available in all shapes and sizes. A defining characteristic is the linear inference that allows you to hook or lock the red, green and blue axes. Linear inference makes SketchUp 2020 work perfectly, but it can also get in the way, depending on what you intend to do. For example, if you are working with very small spaces or drawing images, you may want to exclude the inference.

A first step in this direction (toggling linear inference on and off), the Line tool now features a modifier key [(ALT) on Windows and (CMD) on Mac] to toggle linear inference on and off, so you can draw edges without being snapped to an inference. You can turn off all inferences or leave only parallel and perpendicular inferences active.

The August release added the Weld Edges command, which means that now you can merge edges and arcs into a single poly line without installing any extensions.

Check the width, color and pattern of the line based on the tag in Layout

With the update for August 2020, you can check the 2020 tag line style in Layout. Before this update, rendering a plan view with different line weights meant hiding some geometry, creating different scenes, and stacking view ports in Layout. Now you can adjust the border width, color, dash pattern and dash scale in a window by assigning and styling tags.Click on the banner to discover our training offer for architects, civil engineers and designers. Access today to our online courses with a 70% discount for a limited time!

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