Travel the world through the eyes of an architect

  • Mejores ciudades

    Architecture Travel: the 5 best cities to visit in the world.

    The best cities in the world to visit in the summer. “To look is a cradle” writes Arminius: What is the best representation to describe the experience that a journey gives you?  The goal w

  • The 8 strangest architectures ever built

    Identifying the 8 strangest architectures ever built is no easy task. Creating architecture, in fact, means freeing the imagination, and some architects have the gift of not being able to dose their i

  • Cosa vuol dire Machu Picchu?

    What does Machu Picchu mean?

    Here is everything you need to know about what Machu Picchu means. When we talk about Machu Picchu we refer to an Inca archaeological site located in Peru, surrounded by the Amazon jungle northeast of

  • Quartieri di Roma: la storia (prima parte)

    Neighborhoods of Rome: part one

    Making a list of Rome’s neighborhoods takes some time. In fact, everyone knows the historical greatness of Rome. Its territorial expansion, on the other hand, would surprise any tourist. From th

  • Le 5 regge più sfarzose

    The 5 most beautiful palaces

    Selecting the 5 most beautiful palaces is not an easy task. This is because historically palaces are found in most of the houses, royal residences developed in Europe between the fifteenth and ninetee

  • Museums in Buenos Aires: the 5 you should not miss

    After months of forced closure, someone will want to treat himself to an unforgettable vacation, among distant and unknown destinations. Argentina could then be a travel idea, combining adventure and

  • The 5 Japanese Zen gardens to visit

    Magical places, rich in tradition and beauty: here are the 5 Japanese Zen gardens to absolutely visit if you have planned a trip to the land of the rising sun. Japanese Zen gardens to visit If you are

  • Statua del Cristo Redentore

    5 curiosities about the statue of Christ the Redeemer

    Here are 5 curiosities about the statue of Christ the Redeemer that you probably don’t know. Christ the Redeemer Statue: its secrets In Rio de Janeiro, on the Corcovado mountain, stands the stat

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