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Eco-sustainable renovation – Bio Padel

Eco-sustainable renovation – Bio Padel

GoPillar is a 360-degree platform that allows clients to work with over 60,000 architects, engineers, and design professionals. On the platform, there are all types of specializations, making GoPillar not only a great platform for private clients, but also for businesses. Using GoPillar, private clients can renovate their apartment, maybe divide it into residential units, build their dream villa, and so much more. On the other hand, businesses have the opportunity to build their work space from scratch, modernize it, or expand it.

In this article, we discuss a business client who owns a farmhouse and wants to expand his business. This client’s focus is on respecting the surrounding nature and greenery.

The Brief 

This business owner told us that he has always had a passion for sports as well as for following the latest fashion trends, making him want to invest in padel. In order to do this, he needed to create a padel circle. His project is well detailed: 4 fields, 2 of which are covered, a clubhouse to host members and that includes a bar. His goals for this expansion are to make the farmhouse a place where club members can enjoy a quick meal or a refreshing drink, where they can interact with one another, and to provide a place where members can change before or after an activity.

Our client didn’t just think of the padel club members, but rather he wanted to make this a space well-suited for families. In order to do this, he dedicated a small play area for children. Additionally, to take full advantage of the farmhouse location, the client asked the designers to take advantage of the nature path along the property’s perimeter, suggesting the use of tools with which to train.


The Project 

As mentioned above, GoPillar’s community of designers and architects are dedicated to providing high-quality submissions, even if projects are very unique and/or detailed. In the case of our current client, he received many entries, including 11 complete final projects. The young Greek architect, Nikolas Kypraios, won the competition, with a customer vote of 9.6.

Bio Padel Eco-sustainable renovation

The Winner 

From the start, Kypraios explained that the purpose of his proposed design was to create a space that is both functional for paddle players and for clubhouse visitors. Because it was not enough to simply create a series of playgrounds, Kypraios made his design focused on making the farmhouse property a real club. This entailed making it a place where athletes could take the field, where families could lounge, and where business meetings or entertainment could take place for members.

The second winning point of the project was the enhancement of the property’s natural beauty and space, reflecting the client’s desire of creating a bio-ecological space that respects the surrounding greenery and nature.

The Club’s Path

This project covered all stages of the club member’s experience. Starting with the arrival of guests in the parking lot, who then cross through an outdoor corridor to arrive at the club complex. The clubhouse includes a reception area where visitors can check in, get changed, or continue on to the paddle courts. Nothing about the member’s experience is meant to be chaotic, but rather there are three distinct stages of a visit to the clubhouse: arrival, sport, and recreation. These stages are unique from one another and provide an organized and comfortable experience to all members.

Bio Padel Eco-sustainable renovation

Total Organization

In the brief, the client told us that his structure is about 2 kilometers away from a motorway exit. This poses an issue as it clashes with the major theme of nature and sustainability. Because of this, the designer chose to arrange a long building that covers the traffic noise in the southeast section of the property, the point that is closest to the road. In the northern portion of the property, the designer left the playing fields.

These placements created a clear separation and an environment that respects the bio-green character of the clubhouse. Additionally, the designer suggested placing a café with large windows close to the playing fields. This would provide players with a quick refreshment and guests with a comfortable, shaded area to enjoy the view. 

Respect for the Environment 

As mentioned in the beginning of this article, one of the main objectives of this project was to showcase the surrounding nature. In order to respect this wish, there was no destruction of trees, plants, or any other vegetation during this project and the designer added new Mediterranean plants to create paths and visual filters. Additionally, the children’s play area is surrounded by greenery next to the bar, in such a way as to maintain a child’s freedom as well as a parent’s watch of him or her.

The Runner- Up

Architect Giacomo, one of the most awarded designers on the platform with 118 placements, was the runner-up for this contest. The focus of his proposal was to include large windows in the clubhouse to create a close dialogue with the surrounding nature, as well as to plant fragrant and aromatic plants throughout the property. He planned to keep the architectural landscape open while adding to it different types of plants, including myrtle, juniper, and mastic as well as strawberry, lemon, and walnut trees. Additionally, a series of leilandi cypress would be planted to separate the complex from the road. This vision earned Giacomo a score of 9.2, putting him in second place.

Bio Padel Eco-sustainable renovation

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