The 4 best software for the design of electrical systems

Let’s find out which are the best 4 softwares for the design of electrical systems!

The design of electrical systems is a discipline that requires particular accuracy and practical skills relating to the calculation, sizing, and actual design of systems so that they are as functional and safe as possible. Therefore, this type of planning is usually left to vertical specialists in the sector, most commonly construction engineers or architects.

Most professional architects and engineers use software for the design of specific and professional electrical systems useful for creating control systems and for creating the documentation necessary for their effective execution. Nowadays, there are various software for the design of electrical systems, advanced tools distributed by various manufacturers which, compared to a few decades ago, have improved and sped up the design and drafting of metric calculations and technical reports.

Software for the design of electrical systems

Let’s find out what are the 4 best and most functional softwares for the design of electrical systems

Autodesk Revit is at the top of our list of the best electrical design software. This software allows you to efficiently create, customize, and document electrical control systems, all thanks to a set of specific tools for electrical (as well as hydraulic and mechanical) design. Business data in hand, most engineers, architects, and construction professionals use this software to create accurate 2D and 3D drawings. Autodesk also provides the ability to edit and draw 2D geometry and 3D models with surfaces, solids, and mesh objects and offers a perfect toolset to create electrical installation projects in no time.

Electra E8 is an easy-to-use electrical system design CAD software that is quick in document creation. Used around the world by designers, Electra E8 allows you to create electrical circuits faster than other similar software and process invoices and material orders in- house in just a few simple steps. Furthermore, it should not be underestimated that this electrical design software can help you improve your work thanks to the reporting functions integrated with Microsoft Word and Excel.

Software for the design of electrical systems

This plant design software was created to offer engineers and designers the best electrical plant design tools. Solidworks is a software with exceptional performance and an extremely intuitive user experience, features that allow users to efficiently design all electrical interconnections for even more complex systems.

Cofaso is a design software capable of helping engineers and designers to create and configure electrical systems, design control panel layouts and, automatically generate reports and production plans . Cofaso is a software used to facilitate standardization in the production and optimization of control and automation systems. Its objective is to reduce design and maintenance costs and to increase the energy efficiency of the properties subject to design with Cofaso. The software also reduces the production costs of electrical systems, improving work and speeding up the design procedures.

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