BIM obligation for public works: all deadlines to remember for the BIM obligation for public works

BIM obligation for public works: Starting from January 1, 2019, BIM, Building Information Modeling, is mandatory for all contracts exceeding 100 million euros. From 2025, the rule will also apply to all new projects. Let’s not get caught unprepared and discover together all the bureaucratic deadlines that will regulate the progressive BIM obligation for public works.

What is BIM, Building Information Modeling?

Building Information Modeling, better known by the acronym BIM, is a design methodology that provides for the optimization and computerization of the design process through the use of specific software. The spread of BIM, above all thanks to the progressive BIM obligation, will lead to the birth and development of a new era in terms of architectural, structural, and plant design. But above all, it will favor the professional growth of professionals experienced in the use of BIM software.

Revit BIM

Why is BIM spoken of as a revolutionary design methodology?

Thanks to the use of BIM software we can collect information of any kind relating to the properties we are designing. BIM software allows you to fully monitor the construction process and the bureaucratic process of each project and to be able to export the same in shareable digital formats so as to facilitate teamwork.

BIM obligation

BIM obligation. What are the deadlines that will lead us to a progressive general use of BIM design?

The BIM obligation pursuant to Ministerial Decree 560 provides for some dates with very specific bureaucratic deadlines:

  • the BIM obligation became operational from 1 January 2019 for works with an amount equal to or greater than 100 million euros;
  • from 2020 BIM will be mandatory for complex jobs over 50 million euros;
  • from 2021 for works over 15 million euros, the obligation of BIM design will be introduced;
  • from 2022, BIM will also be mandatory for works with tender amounts over € 5.2 million;
  • from 2023, construction works exceeding 1 million euros will have to be subject to the obligation of designing with BIM software;
  • from 2025 all new works in general will have to be designed using BIM software.

Why learn to use BIM software?

Learning to use BIM software is essential if you don’t want to risk closing your design business. In fact, starting from 2025 all new works will have to be designed using BIM. Those who fail to comply will be cut off from the design services market.

The conversion to BIM technology is therefore an inevitable step in the world of architecture and construction.

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