Become a BIM professional with GoPillar Academy’s Autodesk Revit BIM Course

Find out how to become a Revit BIM professional and improve your BIM skills with GoPillar Academy’s Bim Revit course

Training in the BIM field, becoming a BIM professional, and following a BIM course are strategic choices that can allow you to carve out a leading role in the design sector. In the next few years, the world of design will witness a profound transformation of the processes of design, construction, and management of the built environment.

The transition from an analogue to a digital approach, of which BIM is only one of many aspects, is part of a larger phenomenon, known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. A professional and cultural revolution that will transform the world of work, especially the world of freelancers.

Information modeling, Building Information Modeling (BIM), is nothing more than a piece of the great digital revolution of the construction sector. For this reason, thinking about BIM only in terms of software tools is misleading as is the analogy that wants the current transition from CAD to BIM as the equivalent of that, which took place in the 90s, from manual design to CAD.

Today the transformation does not only concern the tools of representation, as it happened in the passage from manual drawing to CAD, but it concerns all the processes of production, management, and use of the building and the city. A transformation that, in order to be understood and managed, requires specific training that only a complete BIM course can give you.

Revit BIM professional

GoPillar Academy’s Autodesk Revit BIM course is a high quality educational product that seeks to answer all the questions that tomorrow’s professionals are starting to ask themselves

The GoPillar Academy online BIM course consists of three different packages – basic, intermediate, and advanced. Its main objective is to provide designers who choose to train on the lessons of Denise Damiani, a Italian architect, graduated in EU Architecture in 2013 at the University of Rome La Sapienza with a degree thesis developed between Rome and Hangzou, all the tools necessary to make the most of the different BIM procedures.

Revit BIM professional

From the graphic representation of an architectural project to the creation of complex three-dimensional models that can fully comply with the dictates of BIM modeling procedures.

Each lesson, in order to facilitate learning, is followed by a short summary test that allows designers to carry out a self-test to “certify” each individual module and tackle the subsequent notions with all the theoretical and practical skills necessary for the study.

Do you want to learn how to design in BIM with Autodesk Revit software and become a BIM professional?

Take the online course on Design in BIM with Revit, which aims to deepen all the main features of Revit software through 17 hours of highly detailed video lessons.

If you are considering learning Revit, you can take GoPillar Academy’s Revit BIM Architecture course with a 70% discount by clicking here. Our course includes pre-recorded lessons that you can watch at any time!

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