8 out of 10 companies invest in BIM digitization

Why are Italian companies investing in BIM digitization?

According to data processed by the Senaf SAIE Observatory, following the survey conducted by GRS Research & Strategy, 8 out of 10 Italian companies invest in BIM digitization

Positive news on the employment front for the construction sector and BIM digitization . The positive indications are also confirmed by the first edition of the SAIE Observatory which tells the state of health of companies producing and distributing building products / services in the first half of 2019, also examining the forecasts for the next six months.


The survey shows that, in 2018, 34% of companies saw their workforce grow compared to the previous year and that 8 out of 10 companies are investing in training and research of experienced professionals in BIM digitization. The number of employees then remained stable overall for 56% of the interviewees, while only 10% recorded a decline. There is optimism for 2019: 42% of entrepreneurs expect an increase in staff by the end of the year, while 48% believe that it will not undergo major changes. Despite good intentions, entrepreneurs still receive a clear signal addressed to administrations, with 77% considering the cost of the workforce critical.

BIM digitization

Who will be the most requested professional figures in the second half of 2019?

In first place are employees (marketing, administration, sales, and other areas), with 39%. They are followed by highly skilled workers (22%) and unskilled workers (21%). Digital / BIM specialists (10%), as well as managers / executives (6%) are also in demand . The new construction challenge is precisely about digitization. Nearly 8 out of 10 companies believe they have embarked on a digital transformation journey, while only 22% are anchored to old standards.

The new challenges of the market require, in fact, new professional skills. To find them, companies go to recruiting agencies (57%), universities (35%), advertisements (27%), technical institutes (21%), consulting firms (17%), competitors (15%) , employment offices (14%), institutes and vocational schools (9%).

And to enhance human capital? 44% of companies consider the services dedicated to staff to be essential ( career steps , etc.), while for 40% the winning strategy is to invest in training

Speaking of training, how much do companies invest? 92% of companies say they focus on this aspect. In particular, 27% claim to have invested in training “up to 10 hours”, 35% “from 11 to 20 hours”, 18% “from 21 to 30 hours”, 3% “from 31 to 40 hours “and 9%” over 40 hours. In this sense, it makes us think that entrepreneurs who dedicate a greater number of hours to the training of their employees are decidedly more satisfied with company performance.


“Innovation, training and digital transformation are central themes for construction and it would be wrong to analyze them separately ” comments Emilio Bianchi, general manager of SAIE Bari. “ New technologies create new skills, which in turn generate new jobs. The recovery of the construction sector, as emerged from the SAIE Observatory, passes right from here. SAIE Bari wants to be the catalyst of the transformation process underway. A unique opportunity to show the excellence of the sector through special initiatives and a highly innovative format, but also a place for comparison and growth for companies, thanks above all to training events aimed at strengthening technical-professional knowledge and skills”

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