AllPlan Bridge: an ideal BIM solution for architectural and engineering design of bridges

Allplan Bridge: planning of the construction process, technical preview for analysis, calculation of cross-sections, and integration into the modeling of steel and composite bridges

Allplan announced on April 25 the birth of the next version of the BIM software for bridge design, Allplan Bridge. The Allplan Bridge BIM software supports planners during all phases of design, from initial idea to construction and is specially designed to meet the requirements of bridge design, especially reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete and composite bridges.

The insertion of the parametric data helps in the development of the optimal solution, reducing the time and costs of planning. The new version of Allplan Bridge includes other important functions to streamline the design processes, such as the definition of the construction sequence, the easy placement of standardized and repetitive profiles such as longitudinal reinforcements for steel and composite cross-sections and many other related improvements to details.

The consideration of the fourth dimension, as well as the exact reproduction of the bridge model during the construction process, form the basis for the precise and non-linear calculation of the bridges. With Allplan Bridge , we have reached a milestone in the analysis of bridge construction. This allows us to combine the geometric model with the analytical one, ” says Vanja Samec, CEO of Allplan Infrastructure.

AllPlan Bridge

Features of AllPlan Bridge

In Allplan Bridge it is now possible to outline the construction process with a 4D model. The project is first divided into different construction phases and then into further individual activities, such as hardening of concrete, compression of cables and construction of self-supporting structures. Corresponding components are assigned to activities interactively, thus making it possible to link the time dimension to the structure. By entering this information, the construction process can be visualized graphically and the more complex construction processes become transparent for all parties involved.

With Allplan Bridge it is also possible to study different solutions for the same bridge in order to compare the variants. The result is a reliable, parametric 4D model of the bridge. Once the construction in Allplan Bridge is complete , the model is transferred to Allplan Engineering , where you move on to the next steps, such as entering the details and reinforcements and creating the tables.

Allplan BridgePreview Technique for analysis: calculation of the values ​​related to the cross section

Calculating the cross-sectional values ​​is an essential step in building an analysis model. All cross-section values, as well as shear forces, are automatically calculated for the defined cross-sections once the relevant calculation option is activated.

This feature is currently available as a technical preview. All types and any cross-section geometry are supported. The stiffness matrix of the individual beams is created automatically taking into account the calculated cross-section values, the geometry of the beams and the characteristics of the material.

Modeling of composite and steel bridges

When defining the cross-section, standardized and repetitive profiles such as longitudinal stiffeners for steel and composite sections can be easily positioned parametrically. The profile is initially defined parametrically in a separate section or is imported from the user’s library. Then the position and number of elements are defined, which are automatically arranged along the edge of the cross-section.

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