Graphisoft released (a few months ago) Archicad 24, important updates to BIMx and BIMcloud

All the news of Archicad 24, the new update of the software.

Archicad 24 introduces a new integrated workflow technology that allows architects and engineers to work together in a more transparent way

Archicad 24 was released on Wednesday 8th July by GRAPHISOFT. The latest version of Archicad introduces a new integrated workflow technology that allows architects and engineers to work together in a more transparent and productive way.

Archicad 24: General Characteristics

The most recent version of Archicad 24 continues along the path already traced by its predecessors.

Its goal is to optimize collaboration solutions for AEC design teams and improve systems-based work in the cloud.

Archicad 24 is enriched by a specific cloud function that allows architects and engineers to work together on a single shared model, eliminating model duplication and redundancy problems.

This new process technology sets a potential paradigm shift in the AEC industry. Archicad 24 virtually unites architects and engineers, who can now work on a single shared model thanks to the integration with the classic analytical model.

This process eliminates the sharing and back and forth of old BIM models, removes redundant models, and reduces coordination errors.

Archicad 24

New BIMcloud technology

Archicad 24 and its updated BIMcloud technology allow architects and engineers to co-design the supporting structure of a building and to do so, in part, thanks to the new BIM Track Changes technology and workflow changes.

Specifically, the BIMcloud updates for Archicad 24 include:

  • A function to compare smart models: Compare two BIM models, including two different versions of the same project, ideal for viewing various design options and comparing the contents of design and engineering consultants.
  • Problem management function: New features to support suggested design variations.
  • OPEN BIM workflow improvements: new BCF 2.1 support and PDF markup functionality
  • Direct reading and writing of Revit (.rvt) files

New BIMx Tech

The BIMx app on mobile devices and on the web is a game-like browsing experience, a novelty that helps users, including novice CAD / BIM users, to explore a virtual building project.

Archicad 24 also introduces new automation features for documentation, a new higher level programming language in Python with which Architects or BIM consultants can create automation scripts in Archicad 24 .

Finally, Archicad includes Epic’s Twinmotion 2020, included for free, giving users additional rendering engine options in addition to real -time ray tracing and immersive features .

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