Skills of the BIM Manager: The Main Gear of BIM Design

What are the professional skills of a good BIM Manager?

Since January 2019, BIM,Building Information Modeling, has been made mandatory for public contracting stations by Ministerial Decree 560/2017 in relation to projects with work amounts equal to or greater than 100 million euros. These amounts will undergo reductions over the years in such a way as to include, starting from 2025, the obligation to call BIM calls for the construction or redevelopment of any type of public works.BIM

Skills of the BIM Manager: professional certification

Professionals in the sector can obtain certifications that certify the compliance of their skills with the UNI 11337-7 standard which governs the professional profile of BIM operators.

There are four main figures on the assembly line in BIM design who can therefore obtain a specific certification for their work

Skills Bim Manager

What is the main gear of the great BIM machine?

The BIM Manager is certainly the first link in the BIM assembly line

The skills of the BIM Manager include:

  1. Manage digitized processes at an organizational level
  2. Guarantee the general supervision of company orders
  3. Define and ensure the rules for the implementation of the organization’s processes for the management of information flows and the use of the CDE for each individual order
  4. Draw up the information specifications, the information management offer and any contractual aspect relating to the management of the order.

As shown by recent market research, the role of the BIM Manager covers many more responsibilities than other professionals in the sector.

In fact, we just need to think that the BIM Manager defines the management and updating of the BIM model and the project and takes care of coordinating all the phases, managing any problems or corrections within the team.

Furthermore, the BIM Manager must ensure that compliance with the executive plan takes effect. From the coordination and verification of corrections and configurations all the responsibilities that he performs are very important. It is from his ability to coordinate and configure on which the outcome and compliance with the project depend.BIM

” From great powers comes great responsibilities “

BIM Manager skills

The skills of the BIM Manager. Just like in a Marvel superhero movie, we can call the BIM Manager a modern superhero. Given his responsibilities, he must be qualitatively trained through a course of study such as to obtain the release of the certificate of suitability for this role.

Through the certification, not only the BIM Manager, but also the BIM Specialist, the BIM Coordinator, and the CDE will see several doors open in the working field due to the great demand of these subjects in the international market.

In this way, you will not only have a role of simple architect, but of designer, coordinator and prime contractor. On the other hand, considering the disarming competition in force, specializing as much as possible is certainly the winning way to ensure a stable and working rewarding future.

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is the key to the professional future in the architectural and engineering fields

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