BIM certification: Spea Engineering follows the evolution of the job market

BIM certification in Spea Engineering. Spea, an engineering design company, has followed and understood the evolution of this specific construction sector and civil engineering works by investing in new technologies and acquiring internally certified resources as BIM experts.


BIM – Building Information Modeling , was made mandatory for public contracting stations by Ministerial Decree 560/2017 starting from projects with a work amount exceeding € 100 million already in 2019

From 1 January 2020, the obligation will be extended to projects with an amount exceeding € 50 million, up to the obligation to call BIM calls for the construction or redevelopment of public works for any type of work starting from 2025.

Spea Engineering has followed and understood the evolution of this specific construction sector and civil engineering works by investing in new technologies and equipping itself with qualified resources as experts with BIM certification for the digital management of construction information processes according to UNI 11337-7 regulation entered into force on 13 December 2018.

Danilo Milia, Francesco Rizzelli, Roberto Roncoroni and Giada Tutino have passed the exam at the independent certification body ICMQ which certifies the knowledge, skill and competence requirements of the professionals involved in the management and information modeling.

These requirements are identified through the division of tasks and the specific activities carried out by the competent figure according to the European Qualification Framework EQF (European Qualification Framework – Recommendation 2008 / C111 / 01).

The BIM certification allows technicians who already work in the BIM field to certify the compliance of their competence with the standard that governs the professional profile of BIM operators.

BIM certification

There are three professional profiles with BIM certification in Spea

  • BIM Specialist: the information modeling operator, competent in specific disciplines (architectural, structural, plant engineering) able to use the software dedicated to the modeling and production of the documents in the specific order
  • BIM Coordinator: the coordinator of information flows and of the BIM Specialist team of the company and works as a guarantor of the efficiency and effectiveness of digitized processes with reference to the specific order
  • BIM Manager: the manager of the digitized processes at the organization level and has the general supervision of company orders

BIM certification will be for Spea Engineering the tool to guarantee supply chain operators (customers, suppliers, companies) the performance of its activity in compliance with the criteria verified and recognized by an independent third-party certification body, allowing the company to:

  • guarantee the actual experience and competence according to the profile defined by the standard
  • qualify its offer on the market by distinguishing itself from competitors
  • acquire more points in tenders
  • promote its competence through the public register of an accredited certification body
  • obtain regulatory recognition pursuant to Law 4/2013 through Accredia accreditation


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