BIM Coordinator: Who he is, what tasks he performs, and how to become one

All you need to know about one of the most sought after professionals: the BIM coordinator.

Who are the BIM coordinators, what are the professional skills of a BIM coordinator and, how do you become a BIM Coordinator?

Everything starts from a fact. The explosion of BIM in the world of construction and design has revolutionized the sector of professions and has given birth to new professionals specialized in BIM .


Who is the BIM Coordinator?

The BIM Coordinator is a qualified professional who plays the fundamental role of coordinator of BIM operations within the changing world of modern work. The Bim Coordinator coordinates the work to be carried out by the BIM design team, composed of BIM Manager and BIM Specialist. In particular, the BIM Coordinator coordinates and carries out supervision activities for the work teams made up of BIM Specialists, guaranteeing their efficiency and compliance with the standards and procedures that are prepared by the BIM Managers.

What are the professional skills of a BIM Coordinator?

The ideal BIM Manager is a multifaceted professional with proven experience in the fields of engineering, architecture, and building design. The curriculum vitae of a BIM coordinator is characterized by a good number of previous professional experiences in the BIM field as well as documented experience in technical roles at firms or consulting firms with BIM historians.

Another feature of the expert in BIM coordination is the use of specific technical software, such as Autodesk Navisworks Manage. Naviswork allows BIM Coordinators to manage the sharing of multidisciplinary BIM projects. Furthermore, the Autodesk software is an extremely precise tool, able to verify the information of the project elements by intervening in the process of compiling the BIM data.

How to work as a BIM Coordinator?

Regulations in hand, the course of study to become a BIM Coordinator is developed through the attendance of a specific training course on the BIM subject. During the training hours required to be able to operate in the field, issues characterizing the different BIM paths (BIM Specialist and BIM Manager) are usually addressed with more specific experiences in the coordination of BIM teams and on the use of the most suitable software to organize the work of professionals.

BIM Coordinator

If we look at the world panorama, the figure of the BIM coordinator is a well-defined role with clear outlines for all players in the BIM supply chain. In Italy we can “take for granted” the skills that are required on the international market and the points around which the preparation of a BIM Coordinator revolves are essentially two: having attended a number of hours N aimed at specific professional training in the field BIM at a certified training institution or agency and passing a final exam. As for fellow specialists and managers, it is highly recommended to schedule periodic professional updating activities so as to always maintain an optimal level of preparation.

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