How to Download Revit

Accessibility is a fundamental element for the use of a software, that is how and according to what parameters it’s possible to download it onto your work tool to take advantage of its performance.

Let’s find out the different ways to download Revit.

How to Download Revit

How to download Revit

First, we must talk Autodesk’s offer to access a free trial of Revit for 30 days, downloadable directly on the site.

Other ways to download Revit:

  • Autodesk Store Sign up and download the latest versions of Autodesk software.
  • Autodesk Account  Log into your account and search for the product in the Products and Services list. You can also access previous versions directly from your Autodesk Account.
  • Education Community Education Community members can access the software by logging into the Education Community website.
  • Trial versions Trials can be found on the Autodesk Products page. You can usually download the software, use it on a trial basis, and sign up for the full version when the trial expires.
  • Autodesk desktop app If the Autodesk Desktop App was installed on your computer when you purchased a product, you can install it directly from there. Learn more about the Autodesk desktop app, including a link to install it.


Download Revit: The Steps to Follow

How to download Revit

If you download the software from a site other than Autodesk, follow the steps below. The order may vary.

  1. Choose a Revit download method. If the method you want isn’t listed, it may not be available for your product, operating system, or browser.
    • Install now. This method, the default for installing from the Autodesk desktop app , is only available for Windows . It’s faster because it starts before the components are downloaded and you can select only the products and components you need. Use this option if you’re installing on a single computer or installing a trial version. Administrators cannot use this method to create a network deployment.

Note:  Install Now is only available for product versions 2019 and later.

  • Download now. Autodesk recommends this method for administrators creating a network deployment and for individual users installing on multiple computers.
  • Download from browser. This method allows you to download a full installation package from a browser. It’s slower than Download Now because it doesn’t use Download Manager. Browser Download can sometimes be the only available alternative to individual users and administrators creating client installations.
  1. If prompted, choose product details, such as language, version, and operating system.

Most Windows operating systems as well as all macOS operating systems are 64-bit, but you can check the Windows system by choosing the System option in the Control Panel.

  1. If you chose Install Now or Download Now, reply to the prompts:
    • If you chose Download Now, download and install Autodesk Download Manager (DLM) when prompted. Then use DLM to download the product .
    • Read and accept the license agreement and click Install. If you are prompted for what to do with the installation file, select Run.
    • Autodesk recommends that you accept the default download location and make a note of it.

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