Allplan presents Allplan Bridge 2020: the world’s first 4D BIM solution for bridge planning

Allplan Bridge 2020 is the world’s first fully integrated solution to use a common parametric model for both structural analysis and detailing

Allplan, the international provider of open solutions for Building Information Modeling (BIM), presented Allplan Bridge 2020 , a complete solution for parametric modeling , structural analysis and insertion of details. For the first time, the analytical model is automatically derived from the physical model. As changes are made to the design, all related bridge elements are immediately updated, including the analytical model. With this feature, bridge design is easier, faster, and more accurate than before.

“ Allplan Bridge 2020 is the world’s first fully integrated solution to use a common parametric model for both structural analysis and detailing. Reducing the time required for modification and variant comparison significantly accelerates the bridge design process, allowing you to develop an optimal model through subsequent implementations. We have combined all our experience in bridge design with the latest information technology to ensure that engineers are not limited in their freedom and creativity, despite the high degree of automation “explains Vanja Samec, CEO of Allplan Infrastructure

What are the most important innovations of Allplan Bridge 2020?

Automatic derivation of the static model. Allplan Bridge 2020, thanks to its innovative technology, generates the static model automatically from the geometric model, drastically reducing the work required and the probability of generating errors. The engineer thus has total control, being able to define the structural components and those that contribute only to the load, but also to decide whether to use a tie-strut model or a reticular load-bearing structure.


Definition of the construction sequenceAllplan Bridge analyzes the defined construction program and, using an automated process, creates all the necessary definitions, such as load cases, element activation, and calculation actions. This analysis also includes data for calculating time-related nonlinear effects, such as viscosity and shrinkage. Complete transparency is guaranteed: the designer always has total control of the elements generated and an overview of the results.

Application of additional loads. The weight and position of loads deriving from non-load-bearing elements (such as sidewalks, roads…) are automatically deduced from the geometric model. The user only needs to indicate when the element was installed and consequently the load is applied to the system. Other additional loads, such as temperature differences or wind, can also be easily defined and applied.

Overlap. The intuitiveness of the overlay in Allplan Bridge 2020 is amazing. The schematic definition of the overlap combines maximum flexibility with an optimal overview. You can select multiple tension components at user-defined tension points and perform a “tension” overlap. Additionally, the overlay process allows you to save related results between different elements.

Performing the static calculation. A global static calculation based on the Bernoulli hypothesis (beam theory) is performed for all calculation actions that were previously defined automatically or manually in the construction process. The analysis has been expanded in order to also consider cross-section changes correctly. In addition, the non-linear calculation of time-related effects is carried out in accordance with standard sizing rules.

Next generation software for bridge design. With Allplan Bridge comes a completely new platform, easy to use and designed to achieve efficient workflows. Interdisciplinary collaboration is enhanced by using a common bridge model instead of two separate models for structural analysis and detailing. The parametric model and extensively automated design steps drastically reduce the time required to make changes to the design that would otherwise take a long time, with the risk of generating errors. Allplan Bridge 2020 is the next generation BIM solution that will change the way bridges are designed and built.

When will the Allplan Bridge 2020 bridge planning software be available on the market?

Allplan Bridge 2020 will be available for download as a free 30-day trial version from October 2019.

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