Morandi collapse. For NASA, the bridge over the Polcevera began to collapse in 2015

Morandi collapse. According to the space agency, the bridge has begun to deform significantly since 2015 and in the last months of its life the movement has increased.Dynamo

Shot of the scene from NASA that shows something surprising. According to the space agency, the bridge has begun to warp significantly since 2015, and in the last few months of its life the movement has increased. All this while the prosecution and defense sharpen their weapons in preparation for the legal battle. To explain the story well is ‘Il Corriere della Sera’.

« The deformation precursor of the Morandi bridge has been discovered, in particular it concerns the collapsed pile that had been twisted. We also demonstrated that from 1992 to 2011 the bridge never moved “, explains Carlo Terranova, geologist at the Ministry of the Environment, who participated in the working group by making available the historical data collected by the Cosmo-SkyMed radar satellite.

Morandi collapse: the NASA study

NASA has studied the Morandi collapse by processing the information from the satellite with an innovative methodology capable of capturing even the slightest displacements of any structure.

Basically, according to the American space agency, those data could perhaps have avoided the Morandi collapse, if only they had been processed and exploited to send an alert to the competent administration and intervene. Why, then, if it really were alarming numbers, didn’t anyone move?

And while discussing the conclusions of this report published by the Jpl, it turns out that the Genoa prosecutor had already asked the Italian government agency ASI for the historical series of satellite data. Information that was delivered in the form of four independent studies in which the CNR, a well-known university and two national private companies also participated.

The Morandi Bridge collapses

” Interesting documents “, the investigators commented, adding only that the studies were turned over at the time to the prosecutors, engaged in this period to understand the causes of the collapse. In the papers, the analysis is aseptic, no comments, no judgments, unlike what NASA published, which in any case based its work on the same archive.

The matter will probably be clarified in the coming days. In the meantime, the geologist Terranova seems to have no doubts: « The bridge went into stress and if there had been the structure under discussion, the great tragedy might have been avoided. We are continuing to talk about past disasters, it seems terrible to me ».

And he concludes with a personal consideration and a wish: « The bridge rested on land that could have moved over the years. The satellite is able to see these variations as well. So that’s enough, let’s use it to prevent and to better build bridges »

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